What To Expect From The First Visit To Obstetrician

For women who are in the childbearing bracket of the population, they cannot avoid an encounter with an Obstetrician. The role played by these medical personnel is the soul of the survival of mother and child. They will care for the woman during her pregnancy period as well as after delivery of the baby; this care is extended to the newborn child.

On your very first visit to the health practitioner; a lot will be involved which are aimed at laying the foundations for a hitch free pregnancy period as well as safe delivery of the baby.

The Medical Practitioner Will Probe Into Your Past

For most women, they are nervous on their first visit to the doctor. This is a complete stranger that wants to examine your private parts. You should be prepared for that exposure of the intimate part of your body. It is his duty to examine it with the objective of knowing whether all is well.

Your Love Life

The health professional will want to know what your love life is all about. He will ask you deep and penetrating questions and you are expected to co-operate with him and be frank with your answers if you truly desire a hitch-free pregnancy period. How many abortions have you committed? That is a very direct question that you should expect from him/her.

Your Medical History

Generally, he will want to know how well or sick your life has been in the last couple of years past. Pregnancy must not be treated with kids gloves. He will desire to know your state of wellbeing so as to know the steps he will take to ensure that everything goes on well during your pregnancy period.

When all has been said and done on the part of your medical doctor; you have to play your part in some aspects-most especially the business aspect of the deal. These are what you are supposed to clarify after the doctor has finished his own part of the deal:

  • Let him know the health insurance that you are holding. Is it acceptable to him or not? Clarify that from the onset because it is very important that you get it right straight from the onset.
  • Ask about the available admission privileges. At which hospital(s) can you get such? It is important you know so that you will be able to prepare yourself ahead of your day of delivery.
  • You need to know about the alternative arrangement on the ground in the absence of the health practitioner. For instance, when he is not around, who takes over the reins? You will need to get to know the doctor prior to your day of delivery.
  • Ask questions on the official working hours of the doctor. You need to know all this so that you will be on top of the situation any time any day.


The above tips should be sufficient in itself in your preparation to meet your Obstetrician for the first time.


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