Exploring Big Data and Analytics on the Microsoft SharePoint platform

SharePoint has become the go-to business tool for organizations all over the world, regardless of their size and type of business. The platform has streamlined company processes. A SharePoint development company caters to all SharePoint requirements of clients far and wide.

For a modern day decision making process, BI or business intelligence has become a critical part. Nevertheless, with thousands of data points to analyze and hundreds of metrics to choose form, the prevalent information overload and clutter has never been higher. Microsoft has made a slew of BI features to the popular SharePoint 2013 enterprise server platform.

In the current tech evolution, for SharePoint consulting companies that provide SharePoint development, Big Data is now a big part of the equation. The mountains of data stored has given way to more effective and scalable development of SharePoint solutions. SharePoint app development continues to be a growing trend and Microsoft SharePoint consulting services are abundant.


The staggering amount of data statistics are common these days. Individuals and organizations accumulate big amount of data each second, every minute. Nonetheless, what most industry analysts do not see today is how the growth and the coding language of SharePoint mirrors data growth as well. For those living in the SharePoint environment, such as the experts in SharePoint development companies, help hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world in the past decades. The explosion of data, data sink and content sprawl are familiar words for typical SharePoint deployments.


Soon, people would realize the next generation analytics offerings of SharePoint, built on the big data platform. Below are insights on why this matters.

  1. Boosting scale. As companies implement Office 365, and improve adoption in support of the whole customer lifecycle, the amount of discreet interactions that must be tracked will grow exponentially. The data scale collection, the processing and storing of data will be paramount when taking into account the number of staff and partners all over the world and how often they have to collaborate. The shift from aggregate usage trends reporting to discreet employee behavior discretion would add to the richness and volume of data to be collected.
  2. Unified view of customer journey. As the lines between acquiring and retaining customer are disappearing, companies map end-to-end customer journey and creating internal processes around the customer. A single customer view mandates that data connection marketing with customer service support and systems. A unified strategy measurement on the lifecycle of the customer is thus relevant. Moreover, a unified view towards customer engagement would be the norm.
  3. Insights in real-time. Efficient internal collaboration could differentiate high performing organizations from the others. When supporting and servicing customers, the relevance and speed of how to respond to the requirements is critical. Big data analytics must keep up and provide real-time feedback on the performance of the SharePoint environment. Feedback in real-time means that errors or mistakes can be corrected immediately and could provide instant insights on trending documents and questions.
  4. Usage ease beyond IT. Collaboration insights by product line or department or region would even be more important to business leaders as customer success will be a corporate-wide mandate. Analytics access would change from an IT department to major business leaders. Usage ease includes the ability of asking ad hoc questions of data to answer questions. Since organizations are naturally segmented, regions, departments, officers, projects, team managers and more, it’s vital to see collaboration by various segments and compare on how a department performs than another.


As statistics indicate, there are various organizations that plan strategies in accordance to data analytics, bringing innovation and value to businesses. Studies made on the various sectors reveal how big data and analytics is here to stay. The gathering and analyzing of data is not a new phenomenon. The future of organizations would include ones that will capture data, information about consumer choices, products, services and buyers. There is still a huge chunk of information that is not yet digitalized. The need for big data and analytics will only grow in the coming years. Still, bridging the gap between big data and profit margins is both a possibility and a hurdle. It takes a keen insight ad eye to determine the key areas in data analytics and transform it into an idea that makes profit. A staggering 84 percent of companies are hoping to see big data providing them a competitive edge within a short time of its implementation. About 89 percent of companies believe that those not using Big Data and integrating it will risk losing on their market share.

The development of SharePoint is just one aspect wherein data analytics provide a big impact. Big Data is changing and contributing a big way to stability and profit-making in any business. It is without doubt that interpreting big data and analytics and gaining form its benefits will only help a business acquire stature in the future.


Dhrumit Shukla has been working as Business Development Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft since 5 years. He is profoundly skilled and well experienced in providing software development services on various technologies ranging from Microsoft .NET to JAVA, Salesforce, BizTalk, SharePoint, PHP, Open Source, iOS, Android, Pentaho and the list goes on.


Dhrumit has the true potential to manage client from a wide range of Industries like BFSI, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality etc. Another aspect that makes him a trusted technical advisor and IT solution partner in the eyes of his clients is his effective communication skills. He keeps track on status of each Project during SDLC and provides extended support to clients to make sure Project deadline is matched and delivered within the budget.





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