Facebook Adopts New Pepe The Frog Policy

Pepe the Frog is considered an anti-Semitic hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. And now Facebook’s internal policies will offer a bit of leeway for what is allowed on the platform. Facebook Adopts New Pepe The Frog Policy. Find out more about it below:

Documents received by Motherboard show that the platform doesn’t completely ban the Pepe images. Rather, they get deleted if shown “in a context of hate, completely endorsed by hate groups for conveying hateful messages“.

The origin:

Pepe began life on the Internet as a cute, relatable meme. However, bad actors have since co-opted Pepe for their own hateful ideas. Matt Furie, who created Pepe, has officially killed the character. He has also sent takedown notices to alt-right sites and suing conspiracy theory site InfoWars for the MAGA posters it has sold that featured the character.

Facebook is fully aware of the dark history. The decision of banning these hateful images is quite notable since this marks a change in the company’s usual policy. From Motherboard’s document, we can see that fictional characters or settings portrayed in a context of hate are to be left alone on a strict basis.

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