Why Fans Are Probably Going to Hate ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Is About Jessica Chastain And Lilandra

The forthcoming film X-Men: Dark Phoenix has already received plenty of press, each positive and adverse. As we tend to discover additional about new characters and casting selections, there’s also been plenty of speculation on what the film can truly be regarding.

Sadly, most United Nations agency is within grasp aren’t feeling optimistic about Dark Phoenix. Here’s everything we all know regarding the film thus far, and why it’s probably to be a disappointment to X-Men fans.

Even after the comment was deleted on Jessica Chastain’s Instagram, it sparked a flurry of comments from fans, speculating regarding whether or not or not she’s going to be indeed playing the Dark Phoenix, the entity that takes over Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). Unfortunately, the thespian would not clear who she’s participating in, and it’s potential her deleted comment was made to throw fans off, till the official announcement is formed. Still, we probably will not resolve who she’s playing for enough it slowly, with production only recently getting beneath approach, and incredibly very little confirmed regarding the story to date.

Another suggestion on who Jessica Chastain is also playing is associate degree older version of Jean Gray. If that’s the case, then there’ll be three different actresses taking part in Jean Gray in the film, Sophie Turner because the primary version, set within the 1990s, with Summer Fontana forged to play the younger Jean gray. As long as she was reported ahead of time as a nefarious character, this theory might not be valid, since there has been little confirmed regarding the movie, it might end up to be true.

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ is going to be one of 3 ‘X-Men’ connected films free in 2018, including ‘Deadpool 2’ and teen-orientated ‘The New Mutants.’

The film is believed to require place within the 1990s and can be inspired by ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga,’ the first famous X-Men story of all time, and is about to be free in Nov 2018.

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