Farrah Abraham’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction Bares It All

CANNES 2018 held host to a lot of wardrobe malfunctions for many celebrities. However, Farrah Abraham has outdone everyone else.¬†Farrah Abraham’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction Bares It All!

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant went on to suffer an epic wardrobe malfunction as she stepped out at a fashion show at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

The 26-year-old put on an extremely racy dress for her outing. The dress was boasting the sheer detailing around her bust. The bodice on her frock features strategically placed beading in an attempt to cover up the ample assets. With the locks pulled into a chic chignon, Farrah got to show off maximum cleavage.

Accidental flash to onlookers

   Accidental flash to onlookers

The perilous high spot on her copper skirt fell open, which led to showing exactly how much undergarment Farrah had worn on the occasion. Unfazed by this major fail, Farrah went along and beamed away to the cameras as she flashed a lot more than she bargained for.

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