Fashion Guru Trinny Woodall’s Surprising Skin Reveal

The 53-year-old clothes and beauty presenter had been making a video blog. It was concerning gym-wear. And that was when she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe slip. Watch Fashion Guru Trinny Woodall’s Surprising Skin Reveal here:

What’s cooking?

A braless Trinny had been eager in explaining to 10k Facebook followers how women can look better with tops inside leggings waistbands. And since she was demonstrating, she untucked the slinky grey number by hip brand Sweaty Betty. And that’s when she accidentally revealed her right boob, which of course, she didn’t notice.

The broadcast from the bathroom of her west London home had a large number of views. Trinny shot to fame with BBC co-presenter Susannah Constantine on What Not To Wear in 2001. She even once shot the program by placing two fried eggs over her boobs. But this one may have gone a bit far without her realizing it.

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