Final Rumors Surrounding WrestleMania 34: Know The Facts

Yes, WrestleMania 34 is just around the corner. In fact, it is less than 12 hours away and as the superstars gear up for the “Show Of Shows”. Final Rumors Surrounding WrestleMania 34: Know The Facts. There are a few rumors surrounding the “Showcase of The Immortals” that every die-hard fan should know:

  1. Samoa Joe wins ATGBR: The Andre “The Giant” Battle Royal is treated by the WWE as somewhat of a launching pad for newcomers. However, there is very little to be done with it. Mojo Rawley won it last year but, look where he is on the card now. With that said, Samoa Joe has been traveling with the rest of the roster and training well and is all set for a return. While winning the Battle Royal may not do wonders for his career that is so far plagued with injuries. It can still put some spotlight on him as a credible threat going forward.
  2. Shane O’Mac turns heel: While on paper, there is little to suggest that this could happen, you never know when a McMahon switches sides. And since this is Daniel Bryan’s return match, WWE would want to tip the scales against him. Plus, it gives Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn a chance to stay on SD Live.
  3. Rey Mysterio is Braun’s partner: Is this bizarre? Yes, it may be. But WWE is keen on having Rey return in some capacity on the grandest show of them all. And what better way to have the Master of the 619 return? Winning tag gold with a bonafide legend like Rey can elevate Braun to even newer heights.
  4. Undertaker & Cena don’t have the match: Okay, so what’s the point of John Cena coming out for 4 weeks like that? My guess is as good as yours when it comes to WWE handling storylines. But the rumor is that Undertaker will respond to Cena and accept his challenge. Then the two will face off in WM 35.
  5. Bray & Braun for Tag Titles: Braun has mentioned this in the interview with Cathy Kelley. And it really does seem like the most logical option for Braun and Bray right now.
  6. Carmella cashes in: When does Carmella get to cash in her MITB? This was a poor choice in terms of creative writing for Carmella. But the rumors are that she will switch to the Red Brand and cash in on either Alexa or Nia. And then the Fabulous One gets to reign on the RAW brand.
  7. Charlotte breaks the Streak: There was so little build to the feud between Charlotte and Asuka that WWE might decide to keep the belt with Charlotte. Asuka does not yet have the mic-skills to be a credible champion. And that may ultimately put things in favor of Charlotte.
  8. Heyman betrays Lesnar: Is this impossible? Not really. Heyman betrayed Lesnar against Big Show once before. Lesnar is set to lose the title, and WWE would not really want to lose Paul Heyman. So why not have him betray Lesnar. The amount of heat this will draw for Roman heading out of WrestleMania as the new Champ is huge. Having a Paul Heyman be Roman’s manager is the last chance for WWE to have him over with the WWE Universe.

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These are the possible rumors ahead of tomorrow’s WrestleMania. Final Rumors Surrounding WrestleMania 34: Know The Facts.


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