Four Homemade Laxative Recipes To Relieve Constipation

Constipation is quite common nowadays and is encountered at all ages.

What is constipation? It is the phenomenon that the body removes the wastes too delayed through the digestive tract, with a time of 3 days / one time, the amount of stool is under 35g / day, and the water content is not enough 78%. If constipation is not treated promptly, it leads to chronic illness or accumulation in large intestines, which can cause intestinal obstruction, especially for older people or children.

Currently, there are many anti-constipation medications available on the market, but using such drugs does not solve the root of the problem. The treatment of constipation should be treated right from the cause.

There are many causes of constipation such as poor dietary habits; less active (usually with office people); insomnia, stress; due to problems in the gut or smoke, drink too much tea and coffee, etc.

There are simple but incredibly effective ways of treating constipation, moreover, save quite a bit. We would recommend homemade laxative that is very helpful for treating this condition.

Just a little persistence, people with constipation will not have to worry too much about this.

1. Supplement fiber intake

Fiber does not provide energy but supports the body to absorb other nutrients. Foods rich in fiber are often rich in vitamins and minerals, which are useful for health and prevent many diseases.

Fiber helps to prevent constipation and enteritis because, in intestines, insoluble fiber swells and softens stools, stimulates intestinal contractions and constipation. The insoluble fiber also reduces abdominal pressure by increasing intestinal motility, making digestion faster.

Experts recommend the body needs to absorb 25-30g of fiber per day, or 12g of fiber per 1,000 calories to eat.

Children who consume fiber according to age can be calculated simply by the formula: “fiber intake = age + 5”. For example, 8-year-olds need “8 + 5 = 13g” fiber a day. The percentage of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber should be 25% and 75%.

Fiber-rich foods include:

  • Most fiber-rich foods are usually both soluble and insoluble. Among them, oats and lotus seeds are the foods that are highly rated by nutritionists.
  • Oats contain the most nutritious nutrients in whole grains, especially raw oats. Whole oats, whole wheat bran provides both vegetable protein and includes high in fiber, antioxidants, that promotes digestion, reduces cholesterol and is good for the heart
  • In addition to, beans are famous for their rich source of fiber, especially soybeans. If you are not used to eating beans, choose bean products such as dried beans for snack foods, soy milk, peanuts, and dairy foods from them.
  • When being sad or want to fight hunger, do not choose sweet candy – food does not contain nutrients but many artificial sugars. Instead, choose almonds because they are high in fiber, easy to eat and easy to combine with other dishes.
  • Squeezing fruit into water loses many vitamins and minerals. Also, completely removing the pulp also means throwing away the amount of fiber in it. Therefore, you should choose fruits that are high in fiber and can be eaten with apples, guava or citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, tangerines.

2. Honey

Honey can absorb water and store plenty of water, so honey is used to soften stools and is a lubricant that stimulates the bowels to push the stool out. It is also beneficial to the intestines, contributing to the improvement of constipation.

You should use honey that is extracted from nature rather than honey fed by sugar.

How to do:

Simply, mix a glass of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey and warm water to drink in the morning.

If you are obese or want to lose weight, do not mix two tablespoons of honey in a day.

3. Black Sesame

Each black sesame seeds contain a lot of essential oils, methionine, choline and abundant protein. Black sesame is most often used to improve constipation.

The formula for this approach is as follows:

  • Roast 40 – 50g black sesame, then mix with 30g honey and eat several times a day.
  • Or, you just roast the black sesame seed until it is ripe, let it cool down and then take a small pinch to eat each day. You can eat sesame separately or combine it with other foods.
  • Black sesame sweet dessert has the power to treat constipation due to cooling mechanism. The black sesame sweet dessert includes black sesame, sugar and cassava powder. You can cook this dish daily or if you do not have time you can maintain 2-3 times per week.
  • You can treat constipation by soup. The cooking method is also very simple, black sesame after cleaning, drying, roasting, crushing. Then the soup is almost well-cooked, add the crushed black sesame, simmer it for a few minutes, then eat.

Alternatively, you just boil young leaves of mulberry, dip into black sesame and eat every day.

4. Aloe vera

Constipation is often caused by the overgrowth of the fungal strains in the digestive tract. Aloe vera can eliminate fungus, so it can keep the fungus stable and keep the digestive system run smoothly. From there, relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and constipation.

How to do:

  • Crush 6g of aloe vera, blend with sugar, suck and swallow gradually.
  • Slice aloe into small pieces, add to water, simmer about 45 minutes with the small fire. Remove the residue and drink water.
  • Aloe vera gel: Aloe has a transparent mucus that flows out when it is cut, which is called aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel for curing constipation is also very simple.
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of gel with fruit juice (apple juice is the best) and drink on average per day/cup. Drinking it regularly when waking up will work very well.


In fact, aloe is a good food, but due to its coolness, many people who abuse aloe vera for extended periods of time that may turn to diarrhea. Hence, when you try to use within 1 to 2 days to see if the body is suitable for this plant, then do long-term treatment.

5. Fig

Figs are a bit chewy but a remedy for constipation that many people did not expect.

How to do:

  • Cleave ten fresh of figs into two parts. Then wash a piece of old pig intestines, stew with figs, add spices, eat during the day.
  • Eating 3-5 figs every day also gives you good results.


Alternatively, you can choose ripe figs, in which the fruits are rich in fibroids for constipation, can be eaten raw or added to milk and then boiled, drink the mixture when it is warm before going to sleep.


The above homemade laxative recipes can be beneficial in treating root for constipation over any medication. For those who have never been bothered by constipation, it is essential to avoid taking them.

In spite of using the homemade laxative, you keep the diet unhealthy, and the disease is not finished. It is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and you are in good condition. Also, you should have the habit of defecating every day.






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