Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) IMBD 6.1



1 .Alrighty Then….it’s Jim Carrey’s show time

Great movie for changing mood. It is a remake or updated version of ” Fun with Dick and Jane (1977) ” by Jim Carrey (Dick Harper) and  Téa Leoni (Jane Harper) .

Dick and Jane was living happily in their own house. Both of them are  They have a son. small and happy family. After getting a promotion Dick told Jane to quite her job so that she can give more time for their son. Suddenly Dick looses his job and became frustrated. They started selling every goods in their house. They were jobless and seeking any kinds of jobs. But they couldn’t find any with their path of honesty. Then the fun parts of the movie starts.

Jim carrey is one of my favorite comedy actor. He is also known as a stand up comedians . From our childhood he is making us laugh with his incredible movies. such as ” The Mask (1994) ” , ” Bruce Almighty (2003) ” , “Liar Liar (1997) ” , “Ace Ventura 1 (1994) ” , ” Dumb and Dumber (1994) “. “Alrighty Then ” is a famous dialog from his movie “Bruce Almighty ” .

We can learn a lot from this movie. It deepens on us what we take from this movie. Really it’s very hard to find a job. We shall not quite our job depending on others. We should be practical and self confident. And no matter what happens to our life we shall not stop trying to reach our destination. It’s only my points of view and only my opinion . Your must be different from mine. It’s a comedy movie. So enjoy it. Don’t watch it very seriously.

IMDB Rating : 6.1/10

My Rating : 6.4/10

Review By : GIG Suniv Ashraf




2 . First of all i want to admit that , normally i don’t watch movies that much , but when it is  Jim Carrey’s movie then no one can stop me from watching that movie . He made me a gig on movies , lol .
Now the review : The way they manage to solvent themselves is not respectful but that was enjoying . No comments on JIM’S acting , undoubtedly TOP LEVEL ACTING . In the movie he can’t even point a gun & scare a person , but successfully  managed that . That scene was also funny . There are two Television scenes , which made me cry , one out of sadness & one out of joy ! In one word the movie was funny funny FUnny , u guys should watch it  !!
My Rating :  7/10


Review By : GIG Taniv Ashraf

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