Why Get a Home Water Filter System For Home

Water is an essential component to life. Our bodies are made up primarily of water, and in order to survive we need to consume plenty of clean, fresh water.

For most of us in the developed world, access to clean water is as easy as turning on a tap. But what passes for clean by government standards may not be clean enough according to our standards.

That is why having a home water filter system is so important. Water that has been treated by a municipality then pumped to homes is usually free of bacteria and viruses. If you need to learn more about reviews of softeners please go ahead.

However, in order to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, a lot of chemicals are used. These chemicals are normally in minute trace amounts, and are not considered harmful.

However, research is beginning to show that prolonged exposure to even these trace amounts can be very detrimental to health.

Many homeowners are looking to a home water filter system to protect them from these chemicals. I guess you are a dynamic person, so definitely you would like to learn more about different options.

Home Water Filter System to the Rescue

A home water filter system is designed to remove contaminants from the water supply and deliver pure, clean water for drinking, bathing and even washing. Depending on the home water filter system strategy that a homeowner adopts, the most important sources of water in a home can be protected by filtration.

The most comprehensive home water filter system that can be installed in a home is the Whole House Water Filter.

This is a filter that is attached to the point-of-entry of water in the home and therefore filters all the water used in the house. This is the best system to have, although it can be expensive.

There is also the question of necessity in using filtered water to wash dishes and clothes, or even watering the lawn.

All of these activities will benefit from using filtered water, but the homeowner has to balance budget with necessity to make the final decision about a Whole House Water Filter.

The next best water filter system and best water pitcher to use would be an under-counter filter, which is attached directly to the water line generally in a kitchen. This means that at least the drinking water in the household is protected.

The cost is much less, maintenance is easy, and the larger filtering unit means only having to change filter occasionally.

The above counter model, which usually attaches directly to the faucet, performs just as well as a below counter model, but has a smaller filter and requires more frequent changing.

Another easy and worthwhile filter to have is the Water Filter for Shower Head. This is another easy to install home water filter system that cleans water as it is supplied to the shower and bath.

The skin is a major organ and easily absorbs contaminants, as well as being stripped of proteins and dried out by chlorine in the water.

Chlorine also becomes vaporized by hot water, and then becomes dangerous chlorine gas, which is easily absorbed by the lung linings and passed to the bloodstream.

Another excellent home water filter system is the Refrigerator Water Filter. This is a small active carbon filter installed directly on the water line either in or behind an ice-maker/water dispenser refrigerator.

As many people prefer to drink cold water, this filter system provides the best protection for the most frequented water line in the home.


A Home Water Filter System for You

No matter which home water system filter a homeowner chooses, the health benefits will far outweigh the cost.

Ideally a whole house water filter could be installed, which would ensure that every water source in the house is being filtered.

The problem with this is both the initial expense, and the waste of filtering water which is used for doing dishes or flushing the toilet.

If cost is an issue, the next best idea would be to filter only the drinking water, and showering water, with inexpensive and easy to maintain water filters.

Depending on the home, the ideal system would be a water filter for shower head, combined with an under-counter or refrigerator water filter.

This way the most essential sources of water in the home are being filtered and delivering nothing but pure, clean water for the household.

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