Google Pixel 3: The Beginning of Something New

The 2017 Google smartphone, the Pixel 2 is just like its predecessor offers a Full-HD resolution on a 5-inch display. It has a fairly large frame on the top and bottom, so compared to the Galaxy S8; for example, it looks more conservatively from an aesthetic point of view. But because of the split in two from the rear part of aluminum and glass, its appearance turns out to be original. However, its sales are nothing in comparison to the S8 and iPhone X. So, Google needs to remap things, and they should start something with the upcoming Google Pixel 3.


Pixel 2 XL, in contrast, is manufactured within the walls of the LG plant. With its thin frames and rounded corners of the display, it makes a more pleasant impression. But all this is reminiscent of the LG G6 rather than the more modern LG V30, which looks a little cooler. With its 18: 9 form factor, the Pixel 2 XL seems longer and produces a resolution of 2880×1440 pixels on a 6-inch diagonal. The image of both smartphones with a pixel density of 443 PPI (Pixel 2) and 538 PPI (Pixel 2 XL) turns out to be clear. However, the displays are just of the pretty standard; we are missing the innovation. Yet, we shouldn’t worry as Google Pixel 3 is coming in next October,



Except for the size of the display, XL is not much different from the “normal” Pixel 2. Despite the fact that Google uses the OLED panel here, both Pixel-2 backgrounds have a relatively small coverage of the color space: Pixel 2 XL is satisfied with the panel from LG, which covers only 124 percent of sRGB, and a small Pixel 2 with a panel from Samsung – and only 116 percent. Thus, the color rendition here is more limited than that of good LC-displays of models of the Galaxy S8 family from Samsung, which reach almost 150 percent. Nevertheless, despite all of the above, the color display of Pixel 2 XL is good. So, now you know that both Pixel 2 smartphones have different configurations, but have the same name. But, it shouldn’t be the case with upcoming Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL.


At least if the user looks at the screen from the front direction, in this case, the Pixel 2 XL showed the poor stability of the viewing angles. Whoever decides to tilt the mobile phone slightly, it will immediately notice how the white background, often found in web surfing, acquires a distinct bluish tinge. It’s sad, but our estimations do not have much influence, because in most cases the user keeps the device in front of his/her face directly. But the Pixel 2 XL screen shines with its approximately 532 cd / m2 brighter than the Pixel 2. The latter reaches a mark of 438 cd / m2. In bright sunlight, the content on the displays of both smartphones is still readable. However, we still wish that Google should be fixing this issue in the next Pixel 2018 smartphone.

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