Great Teacher Onizuka- A True Classic To Watch

If you think your teacher is strange, then you’ve probably never heard of Onizuka Eikichi. Onizuka-sensei is an ex-motorcycle gangster who is yearning to be a schoolteacher in the manga, anime and the TV series GTO. It is written and drawn by Fujisawa Tooru, GTO has been a rapid success. It has been printed in multiple languages, including a Japanese and English bilingual manga translated by Stuart Atkin and Yoko Toyozaki. GTO has been later developed into a TV series and also an anime series.¬†Great Teacher Onizuka- A True Classic To Watch:

In the anime’s first episode, Onizuka-sensei is introduced as a lecherous high school student teacher. He starts the day, hoping that the class he will teach will have a lot of beautiful girls. Much to his disgust and to build the plot, he learns that he has to teach the “O” class. It shatters his dreams as the class is full of a group of delinquent men and women who like men,

To the surprise of Onizuka, there is one girl in his class, who is very beautiful. He befriends the girl, later to find out that she and the other students are using her good looks and his perverted nature to blackmail him for money or to get him fired.

This anime is one you don’t want to miss out on. It is a show full of great and diverse characters. The Scenes are quite exciting and each scene gives the characters a chance to shine. There is no shortage of character development in every episode. The script is overall cleverly written to make each scene gives the characters a proper chance to expand.

Great Teacher Onizuka- A True Classic To Watch and sure must watch.

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