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Snoring is a common problem. It is not a matter of that much concern if it occurs occasionally, but regular snoring may generate some problems. Annoying the sleeping partners is one of those. Besides snoring may cause some serious health problems like insomnia, uneven sleeping patterns etc.

The reason of snoring may vary person to person. You will find a lot of reasons that causes snoring. As snoring is a problem, it has some solutions too. Let’s dive into the solutions of snoring problem.


  1. Change the sleeping position: A common reason of snoring is sleeping on the back. If you sleep on your back, there is enough chance that your tongue will touch the back wall of your throat. As a result, the normal air flow through throat will be interrupted.

If you sleep on your side, there is no chance of your tongue to block the passages of airflow. As a result, the air can flow through the important passages freely and snoring doesn’t occur.

  1. Lose some weight if you are overweight: Snoring occurs when the airflow inside the throat and nose is interrupted. If you are overweight, the extra amount of tissue in your throat may interrupt this airflow. As a result, snoring happens.

If the reason is this and you want to stop snoring, keep your eyes on losing some weight. This will reduce the extra tissues of your throat and make the pathways clear for ensuring normal flow of air. Thus you’ll be able to stop snoring.

  1. Avoid alcohol before sleeping: To stop snoring, you need to avoid intake of alcohol before going to sleep. If you drink alcohol before going to bed, it will make your muscles more relaxed than normal times. As a result, the airflow that was common becomes hampered and turns into an abnormal flow.

Thus drinking alcohol before sleeping creates snoring. So, if you don’t want to snore again, avoid alcohol before snoring. It will keep your muscles normal enough for proper airflow.

  1. Avoid smoking: Smoking also works like drinking alcohol for causing snoring. In addition, it has one more thing that crates snoring. Smoking causes breathing problems in our lungs. It also narrows down the passages of airflow. These problems turn into a big problem and lead to snoring.

So, if you are a smoker but want to stop snoring, the best way of doing it will be leaving smoking as soon as possible. This might be the only cause of your snoring, who knows?

  1. Change food habits: Changing food habit might be a good solution for snoring problem. If you are on an unhealthy diet, you may grow fat tissues in your throat. Thus snoring happens. So, you should maintain a good habit of food.

Besides, a healthy food habit keeps the balance of nutrients in our body and keeps the body healthy. As a result, problems link snoring doesn’t happen normally. Thus you can let your diet take control of snoring.

  1. Change pillows: The pillow that you use for sleeping may create dust particles. When those dust particles go inside your nose and throat, those may block the path of airflow. Thus the airflow inside your nose and throat is interrupted and snoring happens.

So, if your pillow or side pillow produces dust particles, please change those if you want to stop snoring. Pillows that produce dust particles are also reasons for some major and minor health problem.

  1. Drink tea regularly: Tea is a good drink that keeps your throat clear. If you drink tea regularly, it will wash away the particles that create barricades for airflow into your throat. Besides, it helps to clear cough that stays up if you are caught by cold.

Thus drinking tea regularly allows the air to flow properly into your throat and reduce snoring. Besides, tea has some other health benefits also. But make sure that you are not drinking access amount of tea.

  1. Eat onions: Onions have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Besides, it is a great source of antioxidants too. It has another great characteristic. It works for clearing the congested situation inside the throat. This means onion works for clearing the passages for normal airflow.

So, you can see that onion is very helpful in reducing snoring. So, if you want, you can use it for getting rid of snoring.


These are not the only remedies that can reduce snoring, you’ll find more. But these are some common ways to get rid of snoring. If you don’t get a good result by following these, go and consult a doctor. Snoring may seem something normal, but it isn’t.

So, follow these or go to your doctor for erasing snoring. This will allow you and your sleeping partner to sleep properly at night. Otherwise, you may face some serious problem later where your partner has started facing problem already.



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