How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer

Trends get misunderstood every now and then. If you stop a guy in the middle of the street, they’ll say that they don’t follow the latest fashion trend. But, go to his home, take one look at his wardrobe and you’ll be able to find ripped jeans, the seventies knitwear, Cuban collar shirts and these are just the trends he likes. And yes, there are some of those 50/50 out and about. However, in-between all the catwalk looks trotted out for the shock factor, there some new stuff out in the market that is not painfully boring and thoroughly wearable. So, this summer, you don’t have to bother yourself with choosing between what’s crap and what’s cool. Look at How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer:

Vertical Stripes:

Breton stripes can be a cool summer institution. They are like grimacing through rain-soaked barbecues and festivals. However, everyone has hijacked this style; all the way from school-run mums to cocky club promoters.

So, what’s the solution then? Simple, just turn them 90 degrees. The vertical stripe may officially be called menswear’s new go-to pattern. When you are trying to create your own look, one vertically striped piece at a time can be enough. If you are looking to pull off the double vertical stripe then you must be incredibly confident.

You are looking at How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer.

Tonal dressing:

You heard about opposites attracting right? Well, get ready to forget that; because menswear is going for the full-kit look this season. You have to look at tonal dressing as summer’s answer to all-black everything added with more choices. The real beauty of the tonal dressing is how it works favorably in any scenario. Thinking of tonal suiting? Try that for a summer wedding. Want to try Tonal pastels? Give that a go on the next summer holiday.

Colors that you have a good stock of are a great place to start. Think of blue and grey- and don’t be afraid of lighter neutrals and also pastel shades with the improving weather. These are just some of the ways How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer.

Side-Stripe Trousers:

You must be thinking, “How is this a thing again? It’s not the nineties!” Well, think again, because of all the luxury designers went absolutely mad for the side-stripe trousers this season. They have been revived at a pretty good time as “athleisure” running the danger of becoming about as much fun as marathon training. And if you get a pair of stripes on the pins then you’ll find the trend to be going another mile or two.

Technical Jackets:

This isn’t the dishwater-dull mountain trekking gear we are talking about. The technical jackets that’ll land in the shops have kept the weather-fighting superpowers. Plus, there’s more, they come color-blocked, in pastels or dark and moody shades.

And you want to know the best part? Your styling options get bigger than before. Throw one over on jeans, tailored trousers, knits, shirts etc. Inevitably you will get your money’s worth.

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You have to agree that there’s still a chasm of taste between a gingham ‘going out’ shirt for the Friday night with the lads and the classic windowpane suit. And the safest way you can make checks work is to try larger or more complex motifs on outerwear, knitwear, and trousers.

Tropical Print Shirts:

Every now and then, we have to stop to think if menswear designers are out to do a number on us. Such is the case when it comes to the resurgence of the tropical print shirts. In fact, on the first take, they seem like a sartorial booby trap. They are mostly gaudy, don’t fit particularly well and get invariably worn by overbearing men as their nonverbal way of communicating that you’re in close proximity to the funny guy. But, you reading “How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer” so let’s find a way through:

So yes, getting on board does require subtlety. And that’s lost on almost every printed shirt wearer to date. So, try seeking out the designs in pared-back color palettes only to combine them with the dark tailored chinos or jeans and you can nail the look.

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