How much water intake by an individual and why?

About 70% of human weight is due to water content in our body. Water is the main source of human life. Based on age, weight, activity level, gender and body composition water intake may vary. Drinking Water is a calorie-free choice to keep your body hydrated and also for weight management. Since water is free from preservatives and sodium but rich in minerals. Medicinal institute advices the normal human being should be of 80 percent of the diet should be of water or fresh juices and remaining 20 percent can be of derived or solid foods. Water intake before meals helps you to eat less and feel content. Hence helps for weight management. Here is a useful reference which might help you in future.

The medicinal research said that drinking more water provides to cure more kidney stones, liver and gallbladder problems, heart diseases, constipation, and other health problems. Here are some of the benefits of drinking water are listed below.

  • Prevents constipation
  • Keeps you hydrated and feeling refreshed/ energetic
  • Helps for good digestion
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Maintaining body sodium level balanced
  • Normalize blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Cleanses body toxins via sweat

Here we were given a calculator to calculate, how much water should be drink according to body weight?



Based on the individual body weight, water intake levels may vary. Somebody said 8 glasses of water should be drinking per day, some others said 2 liters of water per day but actually how to calculate water intake per day, by a normal human is briefly explained below.

  1. Check your body weight in kilograms.
  2. Divide your body weight by 30.
  3. The answer will be the liters of water one should intake.

Example if you are 60 kg, then divide by 30 you will get the answer as 2, which the quantity of water you should drink. That is 2 liters of water.

Problems due to less intake of water


Slim young woman drinking water after training


If one takes adequate amount of water, then he may suffer from dehydration, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, no tear when crying. The dehydrated body produces less urine, which is darker than the usual color.

Based on special cases water intake can be modified are listed below

Sports person/exercise person

Usually, the water intake of a physical activity person should be more. Generally, it is said that for every half an hour of physical activities, approximately 0.300 ml of water loss via sweating. So their water intake should be more when compared to a normal individual, in order to cover the water loss.

Health issues

Normal health problems including diarrhea, vomiting and fever human body easily get dehydrated. In order to rehydrate, one should drink more water in addition to hydration supplements. Other cases include kidney stones; liver and gallbladder stones, jaundice and other health disorder should focus to intake more water contents.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers

It is recommended that pregnant and new moms should intake more water and keep themselves hydrated, which helps to avoid the risk during the labour time. Fluid intake can be directly water and natural supplements include milk, natural beverages, and other medicinal supplements to keep them hydrated. Women’s health association suggested that 2.4 liter of fluid should intake daily and breastfeeding mother should consume a 3.l liter of fluid per day.

Environmental factors



During hot or humid climatic conditions, water intake should be high; to keep oneself hydrated and avoid the dehydration and other related problems. Drink adequate and enough water, whenever you feel thirsty.  Sometimes dehydration may also occur in higher altitudes.

Focused water intake makes you the following changes

Case 1:                                                                     

In the case of dieting and want to stay slim, focused plenty quantity of water intake makes you achieve faster. A glass of water before meals makes you eat lesser and feel fuller. Replace your aerated drinks and other beverages with natural drinks and water, which helps to reduce the weight easier. Hot water works more to reduce the fat.

Case 2:

Water makes us refreshing and boosts our energy. Dehydration makes tired. So the correct amount of water helps to pump the blood into heart makes us refreshed, thereby the blood transports special nutrients and oxygen to body cells, which improves the energy.

Case 3:

Water intake relieves stress. About 80 percent of brain tissues are made up of water content. When you are dehydrated, you feel thirsty and also become stressed. So it is important to have a water bottle with you, wherever you go, to avoid thirst and stress.

Case 4:

In the case of bodybuilding, drinking excessive water helps you to hydrate for a longer time and makes the muscle and other joints more lubricate. Thereby prevents muscle cramping and ligaments.

Case 5:

Water intake nourishes skin. Wrinkles, lines, and pimples are due to the dehydrated body.  Drinking adequate water makes the face looks younger. It cleanses the toxins and impurities, improves blood flow and makes skin glow.

Case 6:

Water intake is good for digestion, if any little-unwanted particles present in the food are swallowed, then the water helps to dissolve them through the digestive tract. If one is dehydrated, then it seems so difficult to pass through and may become a big issue. Adequate water intake helps to dissolve the kidney stone and reduces the risk of the issues.


70 percent of the earth surface is covered by water. The world is not, without water. Everybody should take the responsibility to preserve water for living beings. Water conservation management is to be done to preserve and save water for our future living beings. Every one cell bacteria to human being water is important. People should act responsibly for the welfare of the human and also for the planet and other living creature. Share this article with your friends and leave your valuable comments and feedback below. Let’s make us know the way we want to change and improve ourselves. Plant trees and save water.






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