Huawei P11: its triple dorsal sensor is revealed in video!

The camera unveiled in this video shows an edge to edge screen and a notch in style to that of the iPhone X.


Huawei P11 X, a P10 mixed with an iPhone X

Before talking about the triple sensor photo, let us linger a little on the design of this alleged Huawei P11 that was created according to rumors, it must be remembered. The P11 would therefore have edges even thinner than those of the P10 on the sides and would have the same top and bottom, which implies a screen occupying almost the entire front of the smartphone. The P11 would indeed be a space dedicated to sensors on the front, like the iPhone X. This makes me wonder if this notch will be the trend of 2018 and the only real answer of the manufacturers to the question of screens without borders. I will have personally tend to prefer slightly larger borders at the top and bottom, as on the OnePlus 5T for example (or even like those of the P10 for that matter), a question of taste. Tell us what you think in the comments!

To continue on the design, the back of the device would be glass, probably to support wireless charging. Again, I find the back of the current P10 classier and pleasant to the touch, but it is true that it would be a big weak point not to offer wireless charging in 2018. The fingerprint reader seems to have been moved on the wafer, which seems like a good solution to keep the back of the device completely flat.

The triple photo sensor that we told you in a previous article would be very present and when we see the results of the P10 and especially the P10 Plus in photography, we imagine that Huawei in collaboration with Leica could well hold the something really exceptional. No specific features for the 3 sensors except the above visual, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted when more info about will surface.

The Huawei P11 is also expected as it should be equipped with Huawei’s latest ultra-powerful Kirin chip. For comparison, the Huawei P10 released in early 2017, is still defending itself very well today and still offers a fluid user experience and pleasant in every way.

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