Increase Energy Efficiency Of Your Place In Just Six Few Steps

Are you looking for solutions to cut down your energy bills? In this blog, we are going to let you know few steps that would reduce energy cost and will improve energy efficiency. Take a look below – also  if you are looking to buy insulation for your next build visit here.


Disconnect Machines

When all the appliances are not in use, then this one is an ideal option to disconnect all the machines whether those are kitchen appliance and house based. For example, your kitchen mixer is used once in a week then you don’t need to keep that machine plug. It will keep drawing energy 24/7, so you have to make unplugging a practice right after use.

Energy-efficient windows

Your windows should be energy efficient as well. If you can replace the windows, then don’t waste time on other techniques. Energy efficient windows will have a layer of protection from storms and drafts. Addition of storm window would be great option to make your place energy efficient in one step ahead. This is how contractors use Rockwool insulation. They are pretty good at what they do. I heard they are the pioneers.

Replacement of light bulbs

Light bulbs of different companies increase the energy cost of your bill, so this is required to replace incandescent bulbs with Compact fluorescent lamps. Let me add one thing here; Compact bulbs will endure for long-term.

Windows/Wall Insulation

I would prefer to have insulation first rather than going for something else. You have to spend an adequate amount of extra insulation. We are recommending here to must insulate your loft and cavity walls because poor insulation can cause loss of energy through cavity walls and roof. Don’t you think this is similar to throwing out money from gaps? This is a right time to save up your money for a long time.

Boiler upgrading

Whenever you have an inefficient boiler, hefty bills will knock your door. It would be a hindrance for you in the winters when you want a warm home, but there is nothing in worn-out boilers hand. So it is essential to upgrade the furnace. Well-experienced heating engineer in west London can quickly fix your boiler related issues. Do you know these days many boilers are being designed for energy-efficient? So get the best engineers for your heating system. Your hired adept should see the value of cost and your time.

Lower the thermostat

It is essential to lower home thermostat, but you are required to lessen your water heater thermostat as well. If you will keep your boiler temperature at 120 degrees then let me tell you, it is wasting lots of energy. It is worth saving thermostat to keep it at low temperature


These were the few aspects that will help you to increase the energy efficiency of your place. These are not costly aspects so you should have them immediately at your place. You may hire experts for boiler installation in London to avoid any installation glitches in future. Keep on doing timely maintenance of your home heating and water heating systems.

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