IPL 2018: Watch out for these players

It has been 10 years to be exact since IPL’s inception. And within these 10 years, it has become a highlight of the cricketing calendar. You can call it a “Game Changer” if you want to. It has shaped the cricket is seen in the shortest format. Players from all over the World gear up for a chance to play in the IPL. In fact, up and coming cricketers base their techniques, shots to be good enough to play the shortest format. But, IPL has shown us, that it’s more than just a young man’s game. Many retired players have shown up to light up IPL many a time. In IPL 2018: watch out for these players who have recently retired:

#3 Mitchell Johnson: Cricket, in fact, T20 is said to be a batsman’s game. But this gentleman begs to differ with the notion. A fast bowler quite capable of bowling at an express pace even after retiring, Mitchell Johnson is every batsman’s nightmare. He is tall, he is fast and yes; just like any other fast bowler-he is aggressive. Dennis Lillee himself once called Johnson a “once in a lifetime prospect”.

IPL 2018: Watch out for these players

Be careful of Johnson’s bouncers!

Making his ODI debut for the Aussies back in 2005. He was presented with the “baggy green” in 2007 for a Test series against Sri Lanka. Making a mark on cricket’s rich history seemed child’s play to Johnson as he terrorized the English and South African batsmen in 2013-14. He picked up 59 wickets in just 8 matches in those series’. He did so with a constant array of bouncers and yorkers that would make even the best of batsmen succumb. He also played a major role in Mumbai Indians winning the title in 2013, picking up 24 wickets in 17 matches.

This was the first player of IPL 2018: watch out for these players.

#2 Brendon McCullum: Brash, powerful and a leader among men-these are some words you can use to describe Brendon McCullum. As a batsman and a leader, McCullum is never shy of taking risks. Although he was primarily selected for his batting skills, he has since developed to be one of the best wicket-keepers of his era. However, constant back injuries forced him to relinquish the gloves. That does not mean he is still not a threat with the bat.

IPL 2018: Watch out for these players

McCullum looks ready for a blast

IPL is forever indebted to him for lighting up the very first match with his blazing 158*. As an opener, you can always rely on McCullum to give the team a flying start. This is a big reason for his inclusion in the IPL 2018: watch out for these players. In his 103 matches in the IPL, he has amassed 2754 runs with a strike rate of 131.

#1 Shane Watson: Shane Watson has always been in consideration for being one of the finest all-rounders of his generation. In the international arena, he was never quite able to reach the heights a lot of legends expected him. But it was a different complexion when it comes to the shortest format of the game. Watson has been one of the best openers in IPL for some time now. And his bowling always adds value to any line-up he is in.

IPL 2018: Watch out for these players

Watson looks ready-to-go


The INR 9.5 crore spent by RCB on Watson in 2016 is a testament to his value in the shortest format. As a genuine power hitter, Watson hardly fails in the powerplays. He has amassed 2622 runs from 102 matches. His strike rate of 139 talks highly of just how destructive he can be. Add 86 wickets to that list, and you have one of the best all-rounders in your side.

These were some of the players to watch out for. Keep an eye out for IPL 2018: watch out for these players.

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