Is Johnny Depp Okay?

Over a recent couple of weeks, Johnny Depp has made public appearances that have the world shocked. There is genuine concern over his declining health. So, the question is, Is Johnny Depp Okay? Find out below:

What’s cooking:

Johnny Depp is said to be doing just fine even though fans are concerned over his recent weight loss.

“Johnny is healthy and enjoying his time on the road with his band [Hollywood Vampires],”

a source confirms. However, a second insider has given us a bit more of a detail regarding the sudden weight loss.

This source claims that the 54-year-old actor “purposely lost weight because he’s on tour and is trying to stay in shape.” And further added that he doesn’t have any health issues whatsoever.

Social media users started to share their concerns about Depp’s well-being when photos of him outside a hotel in St.Petersburg, Russia emerged. He seemed visibly thinner when he was signing the autographs for his fans. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star formed Hollywood Vampires back in 2015 with bandmates Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. They were trying to honor rock stars who died in the 1970s.

This supergroup has been named after the celebrity drinking club which Cooper,70, had formed with members that include The Beatles’ John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

Admittedly it has been a rough couple of years for Depp. So Is Johnny Depp Okay? This is something only he can answer himself.

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