Kendall Jenner Can’t Be Separated From Ben Simmons!

Kendall Jenner and NBA star Ben Simmons have been on multiple dates together over the past couple of weeks. Despite the brief fling with Anwar Hadid, things seem to be going well between the two. So much so that, Kendall Jenner Can’t Be Separated From Ben Simmons! Read more about it below:

What’s cooking:

A source of US Weekly, says that “are still hanging out quite a bit,” and added that:

“they are pretty inseparable at the moment and are still going really strong.”


The current relationship status is this:  they “are dating and exclusive, though not ‘official,’” the source claims. Aren’t exclusive and official meant to be the same thing?

Well, the source also claims that Kendall isn’t ready to commit to anything currently due largely to her work rate.

“Her work and travel schedule is pretty insane, so for her to commit to anyone at this point in time isn’t necessarily realistic.”

The two were first spotted together on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel in mid-May. Then they made their way to New York City, where the paparazzi caught them together. Then there was the famous detour with Anwar, after which things seem to have picked up steam between Kendall and Simmons.

And so Kendall Jenner Can’t Be Separated From Ben Simmons!

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