Kick (2014) – IMDb 5.6

Kick (2014) - IMDb 5.6



Truly expected Eid always gifts bollywood with a blockbuster of Salman Khan’s movie, And expectedly, Salman dominates the show with a charismatic, energetic performance, that leads the film. And this year is nothing exceptional than the previous ones, with his action romance movie “Kick”. A remake of the Telugu film of the same name, ‘Kick’, which marks the Directorial Debut of Sajid Nadiadwala, is a film that rides on the sheer star-power of Salman Khan. The Movie starts up with a train journey where you find Jacqueline Ferandez with the co-star Randeep Hooda where he roles up to be a police officer from India to discuss their prospective marriage. . Both are reluctant to enter into an arranged union but become friends and strike a deep conversation where Jacqueline fernandez reveals her previous relationship with the eccentric Devi, a man who lived only for his ‘Kick’. Despite his idiosyncrasy they go on board on a whirlwind romance, until one day he breaks up with her for a new ‘Kick’ and walks away never to return. Salman turned out to be the good and the villain at the same time with two same but opposite type name Devi and Devil. Randeep hooda in turn regales her with his glorious escapades as an officer but mentions that he has finally met his match, an intelligent thief. What they are both unaware of is that their stories have one thing in common, Devi, Devil on the other side. On the name of Devil Salman again showed up his action skills which proved himself the action hero. Salman’s movie always mean there is will be atwist at the ending of the movie and there is no exclusion in this very film. Besides, Movie encloses a song for the first time in Salman khan’s voice. So that’s a great blasting news for the Salman fans. If you have just a bit leisure time to sit back, you can come across this movie and have a “Kick” round your busy day.





Review By :  GIG Shafkat Samin Anowar

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