Local Drivers Fed up with the Ridesharing Service-Plans to Launch New App

The ride-sharing app is also commonly known to be a dynamic app or instant ride-sharing app. It is a computerized system that matches the drivers and the passengers which do not require any pre-planning or recurrence. Most of the office-goers used to book a cab at least the night before, whereas the real-time ridesharing promotes the carpooling service which will be a comfortable one for the commuters.

The passengers may use to wait at the bus stops, or they may also use any of many private services through an app on Mobile phones that automatically connect them with a driver. If the customer is near the bus stop, the passenger may use a transport service in case if a driver does not arrive. The driver is benefited in many ways because of the car pool service, in which the lower travel time is the greatest advantage.

The most important fact that is to be known to everyone is that the Real-time ridesharing can be practiced without technology which is also known as slugging.  There are many new techniques available instantly such as Getmetaxi, in order to improve the practice of safety, a good payment, and the services on both managed and unmanaged roadways.

The ride-sharing apps help to locate the drivers, provide data on drivers so that they can help the users to analyze whether they would like to share a trip, and often include an automatic payment system to compensate the driver without exchanging the cash. The experts have conducted many types of research and estimated that savings in related to that of the ride sharing programs had been increased from six percent to twenty-seven percent.

Target Market

The number of folks in a ridesharing program must be high enough to offer the consumers a better chance of finding a match. The traditional carpooling service can provide a flexible service for the commuters but the real-time ridesharing is useful for the trips. A recent report says that about twenty-eight percent of the U.S vehicle miles traveled are most office going trips. This means that the ride-sharing apps have expanded the market of ride-sharing to its peak level. A list of markets has provided many positive impacts to the transportation system such as urban activity centers, the folks who are comfortable with the personal computer and mobile phone messaging etc.

What are the application techniques and the principles behind Ride-sharing apps?

Residential Marketing

The real-time ridesharing requires a finite number of folks so that it should be efficient for a list of users and trips. Since most of the staffs have similar travel patterns, they can be easily selected for marketing a new agenda. The researchers also found that social marketing plays an important role in the carpooling service.

Encourage Multiple Passengers

Expanding the number of customers in a vehicle not only increases the efficiency but also it increases the trust between the driver and the customer. The true fact is that a carpooler makes a shared trip feel more like transit.



What are the benefits of Ride-Sharing Apps?

The most important benefit of these apps results from a more efficient use of the resources through carpooling service. A recent study shows that millions of the cab trips disclosed that sharing between the customers could reduce the distance traveled by roughly forty-percent. This would automatically contribute to reduced traffic jams, lower air pollution, and a reduction in prices and wait time for the consumers.  Most of the folks use the ride-sharing services rather than that of the traditional taxi services because of the ease of payment, and ease of calling a cab. The new technologies have the ability to encourage the folks without the car ownership by considering the ridesharing. The Urban Transportation has the ability to expand its market by attracting the folks who are less interested in possessing their own car.

Surge Pricing is a new concept where the prices rise when there are less number of drivers relative to the number of customers expecting for the rides during the peak hours. On the other side of the flip, this thing has encouraged the part-time drivers to offer the services. The Smartphone apps have allowed the drivers to find the customers in an efficient manner and the increase the number of passengers day by day.

Sudden Decision of Delhi cab Union to launch their own app

A can union in Delhi will be launching its own taxi-hailing app popularly known as SEWA in order to encounter the Ola and Uber. This is mainly due to reduce the earnings from both Ola and Uber. The drivers from several cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Hyderabad have initially started their protest a few weeks before. The Union has decided to launch the app on April 7, 2017, and at the same time, they will add a number of drivers on the platform. It said to be that the union has contacted several providers for the services like customer care, operations, marketing and also the requirements related to the business concern. The Ola and the Uber drivers have given a statement that about twenty-five percent of the earrings will be taken by the company as the commission. At the initial stage, the SWA cabs will only accept the amount by means of cash, and also they have planned to introduce other payment options such as Wallets in the future. SEWA have many plans in order to build a strong user base. The services like Ola and Uber require a customer to sign up for the service first and then hail a cab. A popular feature which is known as ‘Hail and Goes’ here, a user can catch a cab on the app on the street. Once a customer enters a cab, the driver will ask the contact number of the passenger and feed it onto the fare meter and built into the driver’s app and at the next minute, the meter will be started immediately.

Whether the Ola and the Uber drivers going to launch their own cab hailing app?

The drivers of the respective Ola and Uber service have decided to launch the own cabs app in Bangalore. It is said to be that most of the drivers have the political support. The president of Uber and Ola Owners Association has exclaimed that the app will be executed as soon as possible after an open statement to the public. In coming days the drivers will have a discussion with the software engineers for the technical aid and increase the financial support as well. Most of the drivers have decided to end the surge pricing concept, and nearly fifty percent of the drivers were not signed in into their Smart phones. The Mumbai taxi union has exclaimed that they would introduce a new software app through which the folks can book the cabs according to their wish. But there was no proper reply from the office-goers the app was discontinued a few months before. At the same time, there were protests in North India a few months before. Recently, a report exclaimed that an Uber driver as he failed to pay the cash for his vehicle. An Ola driver also tried to commit suicide for the same reason.


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