What To Look For A Dog Day Care?

A good and nice bath, nail polish and hair trim, these are just few of the things your dogs would love to experience. But because of your hectic schedule, giving time to do this yourself is not possible. The good news is there are a lot of dog day care melbourne that can do all the legwork for your dogs on your behalf.

What to look for a dog day care

As a dog owner, leaving your dog to just anyone is not an option. Below are few valuable things you can consider before you even decide leaving your dog to them:

Take a tour on the premises

It is a must that a dog day care is well ventilated and clean. It should have a separate room for dogs to play and rest. The reason why you are leaving your dogs to a day care is one, to give him or her time to relax and two, to let him or her socialise with other dogs. Putting him or her in a wrong facility will make him or her stressed out and tired therefore defeating the purposes of this activity. When I wanted to know more about removing ticks of my dog, I literally had no help rather than them.

Check if there is available fresh water both in the kennel and play areas, you definitely do not want your dogs to consume contaminated water.By any chance if you are looking for please visit dog walkers. They are good.

How the facility set up play time for dogs

Big dogs should be separated from small dogs, if not large dogs may intentionally or unintentionally hurt or injure smaller dogs. Compatible styles of dogs should also be included when dividing them, like grouping together all run and chase fans or grouping all wrestling face fighters.

How well they screen your dog before accepting them?

It is necessary that handlers will screen all dogs first before they accept him or her for a day care. Information like vaccination, reaction to other dogs or strangers and other things related to your dog should be asked on your application.

This way you know the level of their knowledge to all dogs they handle. The extent of information they know about a dog will help them handle it well. Screening dogs is not only for the purpose of knowing the dog being screened but also for the welfare, safety and security of other dogs, dog owners and those who will take care of them.

If you see their application form incomplete, it is best if you turn to a different dog day care instead.

Check how well trained and affectionate their staffs are

It is necessary that dogs are supervised all the time they are out, hence presence of enough trained and affectionate staffs is necessary. Check how many staffs are guarding the play area versus the number of dogs at large.

You would never want to leave your dog to a facility that cannot take care of him or her as much as you do.


With the many dog day care in Melbourne, there is definitely one out there that can satisfy your standards. Just make sure you look carefully and follow the guidelines above.


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