Sometimes I remember when I used to hang out with you and think,
“I was such a lucky person to have had a friend like you”
We’d make jokes and laugh at them even though they’re not that funny.
We’d throw coins into fountains and fantasize about all our wishes coming true.
We’d do all sorts of crazy stuff and get told off for that.
“Living the life”, we’d call it.
And late at night, when it was time to go home, we’d make up excuses for being late.
We’d make promises never to be kept and plans never to be carried out.
 Maybe this is one of the promises we never kept.
Maybe our friendship was one of the plans we never made.
Maybe this was the excuse we never would have agreed on.
Maybe this was the life we were told to live.
But now I walk past our meeting spots
With nobody to meet.
And I would remember how we would greet each other every time.
“Sign of our non-existent love”, you’d call it.
 I go through our endless chats and wait around for someone to come online
But it’s never you.
I would look at fountains and remember the way we used to waste our savings.
Remember the wishes that never came true.
And yet it was the mere belief that got us through the day.
You made me believe in myself and you made me dream.
You told me that it was okay to give up once in a while.
You made it seem like we were a team.
You said you’d fight off everything for me.
You said that you’d be there when things took a turn for the worst.
I listened to you and followed you blindly.
Who would have thought things would turn out this way.
Who would have thought that I’ll spend my days crying for help.
I’ve become a sorry mess.
And I miss you everyday.

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