Must Read Dating Tips For Men: Guaranteed Success!

There are so many questions that can pop up in your head before, during and after a date. This is why we have compiled a list of the top dating tips for men. Dating can be quite the tricky business. A lot of questions will spring to your mind before the date. What can you wear? Where should you meet? Who should pay? How much are you allowed to say? Let’s not prolong further and look at these Must Read Dating Tips For Men: Guaranteed Success! You might also want to read about questions to ask on a first date.

  • The first impression is very important: Your ripped jeans may be lucky but, please remember that this the first impression she will have of you. Yes, you should not pretend to be someone you’re not. A girl may like you for who you genuinely are, so go shower and shave.
  • Making date plans for somewhere you feel comfortable: You may think it wise to be a gentleman and let your date decide where you guys should meet. However, women often like to see you take control. Plus, dating can sometimes be a daunting experience so, choose a place you’re familiar with. That will definitely help you feel in the comfort zone.
  • Be confident: Women always value confidence in choosing the right guy. It’s not a big deal if you are shy, you can practice by talking to people you’re not familiar with. Or while you are on the date, pick a topic that you know really well off or can make an interesting conversation about.
  • Never do all the talking: On the date, make sure that you don’t do all the talking. Try your best to make short sentences and make them precise. You wouldn’t want to bore your date, would you? If that first date goes well, you’ll have plenty more dates to talk about your interesting stories. Don’t be scared of mixing up the conversation and asking her questions, but be careful of the personal space and respect that.
  • Keep the conversation fun: Try keeping the conversation light-hearted. Remember that you don’t want to get into a very detailed conversation about what you don’t like or what you face problems with. She is here to have a good time with you, so make sure she does. Make small talk that is witty and yet shows that you can be funny as well.
  • Avoid talking of your “ex”: There are a few words to describe this fact. It’s dreadful to bring up the topic of your ex, it can immediately send her home packing.
  • Turn off the phone: There is nothing more annoying than the phone ringing when she wants to spend some quality time in the date. So make sure to turn off the phone beforehand.
  • Offer to pay: Yes, times have changed and there is so much scope for equality. And yes, since it is the first date, she may want to pay for her half but, you have to be the gentleman and offer to pay it all. However, if she still insists on paying, then politely tell her that she can on the next date.
  • Follow up properly: If you don’t want to go on a second date then don’t tell her that you will call. And if you do want a second date with her then you don’t have to wait for three days like Ted Mosby does. If you wait like Ted does, she may start thinking that you didn’t enjoy the date and eventually move on. So, the sooner you call her, the better for you.
  • Getting feedback from a female friend: Dating isn’t something you learn at school. Neither are there any private institutions that will teach you all that stuff. You just dive in. But, if you want to improve your dating skills, why not ask a female friend about it. Discuss the last date, where you went, what you talked off. Trust in your female friend to give you a proper response about what you did right and what you did wrong on that date.

So, if you have any queries, don’t forget to comment. This was Must Read Dating Tips For Men: Guaranteed Success!.

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