Novella-By Riyad Arefin Sohan

He was a friend of mine. Symon Rafa.
He was!
Who is your ‘he’?
Helena couldn’t believe her eyes. She had been rejected by Anthony Regentson. She used to love him since 8. And after all these years of waiting, she’d been rejected rudely. She would’ve died if there was no Maria beside her. Many a days she burst out in tears on her chest. Maria, then, became everything to her. Her life. Her best friend. Her pain released. Her soul. She could die for Maria. Now she had come back to Dallas, Texas, thousand kilos away from Simi Valley, California, where her sick parents died by this time.
She came back to see her loving friend, more like a sister, not less than a boyfriend, a lover; to her very own last family member, Maria Mizansen.
But Helena couldn’t believe her eyes. She found no Maria Mizansen this time!
It was Maria Regentson, waiting for Helena Parker in the parking lot, with her new happy little family, smiling at lonely Helena, holding hands with someone Helena would rather die than to believe, and she lost her family for the last time.
She lied down on the bed. Her love of life made her do so. Gently!

She lied down on the bed. She didn’t know the face. It’d been 10 years since she was facing random unknown faces on the bed, unlike the very first time.
She could hardly remember the first time that she had lied down on the bed, with a known, very known, loving face, and so gently she lied down then, for the last time!

-Why did you rape that beautiful innocent alien?
– Because, I’m human.
Then the human leaves the place and lives happily in the alien society forever. He also proves himself as human many more times in his lifetime.

None accompanied me.
I left Dhaka for Chittagong, all alone.
Stayed there in a hotel, alone.
Traveled the place. Alone.
Came back home. All lone.
I did these twice.
Now I stay at home, alone. Roam around, alone. Live alone, alone! I can do everything now, alone. I feel loneliness, all alone!
^_^ Practice Makes A Man Perfect (Moral)

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