OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations

In 2018, OnePlus will be adding a pair of wireless earphones to their portfolio. And rest assured that the $69 Bullets Wireless will keep up with the OnePlus pedigree. They may not only be the best neckbuds for their price but, they might just a probable candidate for the title of best earphones of their category. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations and let’s take a look why:


The quickest comparison people will be able to come up with is with the BeatsX pair of neckbuds from Apple that cost $150. Now, let’s get that out of the way for starters. The BeatsX has a fatiguing sound along with an unnecessarily long wire which will get in the way. Add the double price to it, and OnePlus Bullets Wireless has an easy win.

The first impression:

The first impression you have when you see Bullets Wireless might not get this glowing. You will be able to relate to the unboxing experience which can leave a little extra something to be desired. These earphones are packed tightly inside a cardboard box to be taped into place for extra security. While this may be good security but surely it cannot get the buyer to unwrap it all with much eagerness. Do you think OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations?

OnePlus even bundles only a silicone case while some of their pricier competitors normally provide a hard-shell case for the added peace of mind. The default fitting of the Bullets Wireless gets to include silicone winglets along with medium sized silicone ear tips. And these finicky winglets can be useful.


These winglets seem to occupy space without serving the purpose of stabilizing the earphones. But once you try them on, you will see how amazing they really are. Sure, the Bullets Wireless is comfortable, yet they need the occasional readjustment for keeping them in the right position. With the ear tips, you have to insert the earphones once and you won’t have to touch them again. Of course, everyone doesn’t have the same sized concha, but OnePlus is also bundling large and small tips and winglets. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations, get to be sure below.

The Bullets Wireless may just be the best earphones for sports and exercise as well. Adding in this magical silicone winglets ensures that the earphones stay in place no matter what sport you play.

The advantage:


OnePlus claims that Bullets Wireless runs up to eight hours of battery life. But upon testing, it has been found that it struggles to get to six hours. It is still sufficient enough to get the work done. It may not be as flexible as the Apple AirPods which offers extra charges in the carrying case. But, there is one distinct advantage:

The Bullets Wireless uses USB-C for charging. Think about it, if you go on a trip with the Apple AirPods, you will have to bring in an extra wire. And in this case, Bullets can be topped up with your Android phone’s charger.

Again, the sound of Bullets Wireless isn’t a one-genre-pony. Listen to System of a Down and they’ll give you a thrilling presentation. The driving, distorted guitars accompanied by Serj Tankian’s altering between screaming, growling and howling, the entire uneasy listening mix is present. Then you can try Tadashi Tajima’s Shingetsu; a solo performance on shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese flute. Rest assured that you will be able to get the emotive power of the bamboo instrument coupled with the tender notes. You are reading “OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations”.

To cap it off, Bullets Wireless may not give you a holographic soundscape but it will surprise you with a wide soundstage that will let the music surround.

That’s all from us here. So does OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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