Oracle Remote DBA Expert Leading the Way in Database Administration

Your Oracle DBA expert could be critical to the success of your business. Database administration is the key to running your organization smoothly. An Oracle DBA is supposed to take care of the planning, design, as well as, development of all new database applications, operation and ongoing maintenance of all the production databases. He is responsible for the major modifications to the existing applications. He takes care of the overall management and administration of all your metadata and data. So you see that an Oracle DBA expert leads the way in database administration and handles a lot single-handedly. Here are some of the attributes of an Oracle remote DBA expert that makes him outshine the others and stay well ahead of the competition.

Strong Problem-Solving Abilities

Oracle DBAs are supposed to handle crisis situations every day and they are required to solve critical issues quickly and certainly in an effective manner.  He has the skills that are necessary for methodically identifying the cause of the disaster and then evaluating it and accordingly coming up with an effective and workable solution promptly with the professional assistance from his team.

Proficiency & Sound Knowledge of Disaster Recovery & Backup

Data recovery and effective backup is a crucial component of every business operation. It is what a DBA is supposed to specialize in. An Oracle DBA not only knows ways to effectively create a recovery & backup protocol which caters precisely to the unique needs of the organization but he has a sound knowledge of testing the system regularly to ensure that it is functioning perfectly. When an emergency situation arises, an expert DBA would be ready with prompt disaster recovery services. He would have all the relevant processes in place for implementing recovery protocols promptly to minimize any complications.

Expert Oracle database administrators understand the necessity of reliable backups for ensuring perfect database recoverability and prompt availability in times of disasters.  In this context, we know that a database backup would be regarded as trustworthy provided it is able to effectively restore a database. DBA experts know how to correctly use the various backup tools. These tools generally have the options for testing backups, for example, RMAN or the Recovery Manager has the option to preview or restore. He is responsible for making sure that perfect backup of the data has been done for each and every database file. Actually, this would be dependent on data volatility and that is supposed to be a fundamental part of a data migration system which is supervised carefully by the DBA. Consult with for seamless database solutions.

Experienced in Ensuring Database Security

Even a junior-level database administrator would be fully aware of all the associated security risks that any database could be exposed to, right from OS-level and network vulnerabilities, misuse of privileges, intentional hacking, insufficiently complicated passwords, or simply malicious code. Awareness at this level is extremely important but it is more important to possess the skills and the perfect know-how for proactively identifying and addressing such security issues.

Understanding Oracle Query Execution Plans

Queries must essentially be optimized for performance for ensuring perfect database performance and optimum throughput. This sort of queries would not adversely impact the overall database performance. The DBA must, first of all, examine the performance bottlenecks that are present in the SQL code. For successfully doing that, a DBA must have the thorough ability to understand and also, effectively interpret an Oracle Query Execution Plan. A DBA is conversant and quite contented with commands like EXPLAIN_PLAN.

Tremendous Knowledge of Performance Metrics

The Oracle system has a variety of key performance indicators or KPIs. These can be used to chart and monitor the performance of the entire database ranging from scalability and reliability to the ability of the DBA himself. This is why they are often brought up in performance reviews, to see how aware a DBA is. Remote DBA experts are not only aware of the various performance metrics but also know how to retrieve the values, tune the database to ensure it is working as expected, and also to devise new metrics if needed.


Tuning and Monitoring

Beyond creation and routine administrative duties, the primary role of any DBA is to keep improving the performance of the database. The ability to get the best performance out of a system is what separates real database experts from the novices. There are various factors that affect a system’s throughput, located at various levels of abstraction in the system ranging from the network to the database config or poorly designed queries. The best remote DBAs are not only familiar with these issues but also well aware of how to spot what is wrong by sifting through statistics and logs through a combination of drill-down operations and pure intuition. The next step, of course, is the remedy. Performance tuning is easier said than done but is certainly achievable if your system is in the right hands.

Effective Maintenance with Low Downtime

Scheduled updates and patches are extremely important to keep a database running at top performance. Unfortunately, the installation of the same could be a pretty mundane affair that keeps the database offline for a significant time period. Remote DBAs understand the best times to roll out the updates and also the best practices to ensure that the downtime is minimal and a rollback to the last stable state is possible in case anything goes south. This ensures you will be able to go about your work with minimal hassle and may not even know when the updates are being performed.

Equipped With the Knowledge of Using Health Check Monitor

You must understand, in this context, that the popular Oracle health monitor actually is a vital tool for examining integrity issues present in the database transactions, structure, core dictionary objects, redo logs, and media. Prompt, proactive, and judicious use of this wonderful tool could go a long way in preventing all database integrity issues and problems before a disaster could take place.  It is the responsibility of a qualified and certified Oracle DBA expert to ensure continued reliability and availability of a database. He is, therefore, conversant with the use of the Health Check Monitor and is able to thoroughly understand the outcomes generated by it.


We have discussed only a few attributes of an Oracle DBA expert that makes him stand tall among the rest. No wonder these experts are always the leaders in the database administration landscape. These industry leaders are always ready to advance or hone their skill set. They always stay abreast of the latest developments in their industry.

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