Overweight And Want To Travel? Here Are The Ways You Can In Comfort

Have booked cheap last minute flights already but are hesitant to fly because of the extra weight you have. Well, please settle. First and foremost, travel to a place which is okay with fat peoples around. We don’t want your vacation to turn out a bad one. And the reason why we are here with few tips for travelers who are overweight.

Don’t, just don’t let you weight come in between your dream for travel. What if you are overweight you have full rights to travel. Who is stopping you? Airlines, a big No. They never do, they never will. But yea, for your own good you can follow certain tips which will help you out to have a good travel and for some days forget that you are overweight.

There could be problems, problems with adjusting your body in those small airline seats but then where there’s a will there’s a way. You have to check on your will and we sure will help you out with the ways. Let’s check out the ways one can travel with no chaos and his weight creating any scene.

Let’s dig in to know how you can manage a good enough trip, a peaceful vacation even if you are overweight. Well, we better would call you food lovers.


So here we go! Have a read.


Choose your seat wisely, go for size friendly airlines

Not all but yes there are airlines which provide special seats to the one who are overweight. You being overweight would want extra legroom and the aisle so that you don’t disturb other passengers when you move. What to do for such a seat? Well, if you are getting yourself booked in an airline which provide special seats to the oversized then simply you can book that kind for you but if the plain you are getting yourself booked on doesn’t provide any such facility, you can use up your brain to pick a perfect seat for you. A seat you’ll have no problem with and also you won’t be a problem to other passengers traveling on the plane. Now the question is what can you look for when picking up a seat for yourself? Firstly go for an aisle seat, in picking up an aisle seat you would be helping both you and your co passengers. They won’t be bothered every time you want to move and also you won’t be bothered by them much.

The best way to deal with this is to book yourself a ticket of premium economy and note that first class seats and business class are roomier but they do lack armrests. Be careful about the leg room, you’ll need it more and also the armrest.



Don’t forget to get you own Seat Extender

At times the standard seat belts provided by the plane on board aren’t sufficient, they aren’t long enough and comfortable. So you might face problem adjusting yourself in them. What you can do is to get a seat extender of your own. Yes, they do have, they can provide you with one too but what if they lack and you don’t get one? Airlines always have less seat belt extenders available with them. Also you cannot expect all the airline attenders to be sensitive towards you. So what we mean here is, why not just carry your own seat belt extender. They are very light weight, easy to carry and also easily available. You can order them online or just can visit a store.


Arrive early at the airport.

Why this? Well, do you want to run, sprint catching your flight? No right? Then it would be easier for both you and the airport checks if you be at the airport at time, actually a little before time. Weight do not let you run, also would you like it yourself, running at the airport? So be there in time, do everything in peace, the baggage checks, the security checks etc. Etc.


Be way kind to you seatmates

See there could be chance that you get seat in a row which is more snug than the other and if you land up in such a situation your co passenger or the seatmate will not be happy about your existence but then if you are sweet as pie it will be hard for your seatmate to be nasty to you. So be humble say hi, introduce yourself and take extra notice of the thing that they are not bothered by you much. If they are adjusting and being nice to you, it’s your responsibility to be nice to them too. Be blessed about your seat mate being so cooperative but if you find any seat free around you, where you think you would be more comfortable, shift. Ask the flight attendant and the arrangements will be made.


Choose Destinations where big is beautiful

We started with this and would like to conclude with the same. Do be very picky about the destination you are going to.

Even the most amazing place in the world can be bad to you if you get bad experiences there. By bad experience we mean the places where you’ll find people judging you for the extra weight you have. But be fortunate there are very less places in the world where such things will happen rest the whole world is yours. Feel beautiful no matter where you go because you are.



So these where some of the tips we would like every overweight traveller to keep in mind. Weather you have already taken cheap last minute flights or planning to, this blog is a must read if you are overweight or your company for the trip is.

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