Peter Andre’s Wife Emily Opens Up About Feeling ‘Disappointed’ For Having A Caesarean

She explained: “Theo was a breach – I would plan to have a natural labor but could not. Thus it was a planned Caesarean within the end, that I wasn’t expecting.

“I felt frustrated like I’d let him down, as a result of it’s riskier having a cesarean than a natural birth. Thus I was disquieted for him. Naturally, I looked into all the risks – I probably all over up worrying more than I ought to have done.”

“It was lots tougher than I thought it would be, regarding managing the pain and struggling with breastfeeding, obtaining him within the right position. Not having the ability to drive, just the silly things that once you’re a new mum makes it extremely hard.

‘I felt disappointed. I felt like I had let [Peter] down because it’s riskier having a cesarean than having a natural birth thus I used to be disquieted regarding him. I looked into all the risks and worried myself quite I should have done.’

‘I would rather not have a cesarean, given a choice. I had a fast and natural birth with Milly, so next time I’d like that, tho’ I say next time but WHO knows…’

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