Preparing For Emergencies – Few Points To Keep In Mind

Natural disasters are hard to predict and no one knows when the next earthquake, hurricane, storms or tsunami would strike. Who would have imagined that on Christmas day or the day before it, a massive tsunami would strike large parts of Asia and cause untold destruction and loss of lives. Within a matter of few minutes the tsunami wrought havoc and destroyed thousands of homes and properties (both private and public). It also was the main reason for death of hundreds of thousands of men across many countries. The aftermath it left behind was also quite devastating. It deprived many millions of people access to their daily food. Hence, we need to take lessons from such devastations and be prepared for it. While we may not be able to save homes, we at least can ensure that we have enough food left for the next few weeks or months to feed us and our families. We are talking about XMRE meals which could help us to remain reasonably free from hunger even in the worst forms of natural as well as manmade disasters. We will find out the various reasons as to why MRE meals could be indispensable in such situations. By the way, MRE actually is the acronym for Meals Ready to Eat. They are today hugely popular amongst civilians though it all started as a packaged meal offering for the military in the U.S.

What Make Them So Special

There are many reasons as to why the MRE meals are so different from other such packaged food. Though frozen packaged meals are being used by many, they are not the best choice for those who have taste buds that are very sensitive. The frozen foods might be in a position to offer the required calories but in many cases they could be considered as tasteless and even unpalatable. It resulted in the search for alternatives and this when MRE Meals came into existence. Apart from being well packed and having long shelf life, they were also tasty and offered the required calories and nutrition for surviving in tough conditions. The U.S military should be credited for coming out with the first version of MRE meals. Since then it has gone through many changes and is today considered a good alternative choice by civilians especially in emergency situations. Here are a few obvious benefits as far as these meals are concerned.

Long Shelf Life

If you are prudent enough to spend money and buy around 20 to 30 MRE meals you can be sure that you are storing something that will be good enough perhaps even for 25 years or more. This depends on the storage temperature. These meals come in standard pack sizes of 10 cans each and you would do well if you could purchase around two or such cans and have it dumped somewhere in your home. In case of emergencies they certainly will come in very handy and help you and your family members to stay healthy and nutritious.

They Need No Cooking

There is no need for cooking and they can be eaten just by opening the packs. They come in ready to be served conditions and therefore even when you are in some difficult environment, you can be sure that you will be able to feed your tummy and also that your family members and others.

They  Have Intrinsic Value

Not many preppers are aware of the benefits of these MRE meals. They have intrinsic value and their value does not diminish with time. Hence, if you are intelligent enough to stock generous quantities of these food packets, you could make use of them in any way you like. You either could keep it all for yourself and your family members. You also could look into the possibility of selling the same at an extra cost if you feel so. You also could find them useful for giving a meal to your neighbors or others who might need it in such emergency situations.

They are also available in different varieties and you could choose as far as these MRE meals are concerned. It could range from mutton, chicken, pork, beef, and also vegetarian preparations. Hence, you have it in the taste variant which satisfies your tongue.


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