Restaurant Entrepreneurs: How the Future of Your Business Depends on Instagram?

According to a study based on millennials on Instagram, it was reported that youngsters aged 18 to 35 spend a comprehensive amount of time browsing and sharing food images. Being a visual-only platform, Instagram is perhaps the best place for restaurant business owners who have just kicked off their business and are looking for high user engagement. After all, whether you have a chain of restaurants or have just established a small food outlet in the heart of the city, jumping into the social media marketing bandwagon is an absolute must.

With that being said, if you are looking to achieve overnight exposure on social media, Instagram is the right platform for you. Here is a guide that will discuss how Instagram can boost the millennial engagement for food businesses.

Partner with Influencers and Increase Your Follower Range

Serving good food and a great menu including a world-class sandwich is great, but what is the point if your targeted millennial audience is not able to learn about your business and services. This is where you will come to know about the influencers and how collaborating with them will boost the chances of quickly engaging with your audience. If you are looking for a massive follower growth and sell more food, make sure that you identify the top-rated influencers in your area and partner with them. After all, success with Instagram and social media marketing entirely depends on how much your business is reaching out to the millennials and influencer marketing is the right strategy to achieve it.

Be Visual-ready and Form Valuable Experiences

Once you have created your own follower base, it is time to share the amazing visuals of the delicacies that you serve in your restaurant and drive the millennials to repost and share it. This helps in exuding a valuable emotion among the customers and getting real Instagram likes, as they feel highly connected with your business and the services you offer.

Improvise in Your Marketing Strategies

Promoting your food business on Instagram is now much more than simply creating high-resolution images; it is more about knowing your customer instead and how their engagement can determine the future of your business. Here are some of the following updates you need to make:

  • Deliver Millennial-specific Presentations: From the setting of your restaurant to the quality of food you serve, make sure that you confer the millennials with something that they cannot expect to find anywhere else. It can be the ambience, the cocktail selection or the lighting and the music, ensuring that your presentation is harmonious to the customers can really help your business in the long run.
  • Instagram Promotion: Utilize the visual platform for throwing out discounts and turn your followers into regular customers for your business.
  • Take Your Storefront to the Millennials: As they are the ones who are on the front seat of customer spending, make sure that your storefront is reaching out to them so they can use your services.


People today expect more than good food from a restaurant business. Being a restaurant entrepreneur, it is your duty to give the millennials a story to talk about, something for which they will be more than willing to pay for.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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