How To Reverse A String Without Reversing The Punctuation On That Line – The Shining Part 3 Problem Solution In C

The Shining-Part3
Assume, in \The Shining-Part3″, the son makes it even worse by reversing the words in a sentence in place
but leaving the punctuations as they are. For example, the son writes \NUR, REHTOM! REDRUM!!” to
mean \RUN, MOTHER! MURDER!!”. Now the mother needs to understand the full sentence as it is but
she cannot get it through a mirror.
This time for the Part-3 of the lm, alert the mother by writing another code.


int check(char c);
void print(char s[], int length);
int strlength(char s[]);
int main()
int i, j, length;
char s[5000], s1[5000];
printf(“Enter the string\n”);
length=strlength(s); /// a function to determine the lenght of the string
///printf(“%d %d %d %d”,’A’,’a’,’Z’,’z’);
printf(“corrected string: “);
for(i=0,j=0;i<length;i++) { if(check(s[i])==1) /// a function to check s[i] { s1[j]=s[i]; j++; } else { print(s1,j); /// a function to reverse the word and print j=0; printf(“%c”,s[i]); } } print(s1,j); printf(“\n”); return 0; } int check(char c) { if(c>=’A’ && c<=’Z’) return 1; if(c>=’a’ && c<=’z’) return 1; return 0; } void print(char s[], int length) { int i; for(i=length-1;i>=0;i–)
int strlength(char s[])
int i;
return i;

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