How Rhapsody of Realities of realities has been influential in Winning souls to Christ

There is a strong ministry that does its work diligently and gracefully to bring souls to Christ. This ministry is involved in reaching people who have never been reached and giving them materials to be considered as they plan to give their lives to God. There are several motivations which the ministry takes into consideration as they before started doing the noble task of bringing the people of God back to Him.

Why the program started

Rhapsody of Realities was started because of the souls that are dying to hear the word of God. Several people on the planet today have neglected the noble duty of winning souls and taking them back to God. Throughout the world, millions do not care about their future. Most of them do not know what life has after death or where they could end up. Other millions of individuals in the world have never heard the gospel truth at all. God loves them all. He wants them to be part of His family and to enjoy His blessings as His sons and Heirs of the kingdom. The ministry understands the beauty of being a son of God and for this reason; it is calling other people to join the family to share the Love of God. The love of the Father constrains their work, and they understand the responsibility of which it comes.

The success of Rhapsody of Realities

The ministry has done a commendable job in trying to reach the several souls that are scattered throughout the world. Currently, there are millions of books published, and copies have been sold to different people around the world. The books do not only target a specific group, but they focus on the larger worldwide audience. Today, the books have received translation into over 800 languages across the world. The focus of the translation is to reach everyone throughout the corners of the world in order to receive their salvation. The audiences have bought the several books because of the influence with which they come.

The leadership of Chris Oyakhilome

The unprecedented leadership of Pastor Chris has been the reason behind the success of the ministry. The preacher oversees several other branches of his ministry with different targets of the audience. As a pastor, Chris has an obligation to understand the congregation and most times; he is required to make several trips to other countries. For several years, Pastor Chris has been invited to Life conferences which are majorly held in Canada, the United States, Ghana, The United Kingdom as well as other parts of the world. The influence which he has had over the past years has been instrumental in his ministry and in ensuring that people get the right message according to the situation at hand.

The ministry and achievement of Chris Oyakhilome

Other than spreading the word of God, the pastor has been involved in several kinds of work. Oyakhilome is one of the biggest names in philanthropy. Chris has helped many people reach their goals in life. He has aided the poor to come from their poverty. One unique thing about the works of his philanthropy is the fact that he does not only give to the poor but he is interested in their sustainability. Being one of the richest men in Africa, Chris understands entrepreneurship, and he knows the right investments which could aid his audiences in making the right financial choices. With his knowledge, many people have attested to his aid. He is equally one of the most selfless men in the world, and because of this, he has received several honors throughout the globe.

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