I was lying alone in my dark room on the bed
The wide-open window was near my feet
I was looking at the ceiling straight,
It was a little sound that I raised my head
It seemed like one was walking along the street
Inert midnight, dark out there, I was afraid.
There was a necropolis near my home
Is it from there? I couldn’t assume!
I had a neighbor who’s a witch.
Insidious midnight, my hands reached the switch.
Insatiate soul? I just mocked-
Not long after that I was tremendously shocked,
Deep-dark-silence suddenly got knocked.
I could not move an inch from dear bed
Chickenhearted! Chickenhearted! My head shouted!
She called on me, she took over me,
Her shimmering eyes got to my eyes
She said, “For you, I have a prize, nice sweet prize.”
Then she whispered in my ear, “I live for thy, I love thee.”
I was asked what I could see,
I didn’t know. “I am Seamy!”
I wanted to run, I wanted to flee,
She smiled, she laughed, it was Seamy.
A deep breath she took, a sigh came out.
My voice had been lost, I didn’t shout.
She carried off, she took away my heart
I knew it I knew right from the start.
She is Seamy, long ago, I made her mine;
My soul she took, left the poor body, as an anodyne.


By : GIG Riyad Arefin Sohan


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