Social Media Buzz Words – Free English lesson to learn trending words

Social Media Buzz Words – Free English lesson to learn trending words

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This ESL lesson is all about “Social media buzzwords”. These are English words that have created a buzz over the social media which means that they are popularly used on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.
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Meme – Memes are ideas that spread in the form of videos, pictures and text messages.

Viral – A topic or post that has been shared across a wide network of users over various social media platforms.

Thread – An individual conversational trail within a social media platform, forum or bulletin board, typically beginning with an original post and continuing with comments and conversation attached to that original post.

Blogosphere – The blogosphere is an imaginary atmosphere in which all the nattering bloggers chatter floats around. People say things like, “the blogosphere was abuzz with talk of the Elliot Spitzer scandal.”

Microblogging- Microblogging is writing really short blog posts. Twitter and Tumblr are good examples.

Hashtag – is a way to be involved in a conversation or help in searching a topic or term which originated on any of the social media websites. It serves the purpose of social tagging.

#IDK – I Don’t Know
#TTYL – Talk To You Later
#FTW – For The Win (enthusiasm)
#BRB – Be Right Back
#TBT – Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook phenomenon that often refers to sharing a photo that recalls something from the past. For example, over Halloween, there were many photos of people posting pictures from costumes they used in prior years.

Trending- refers to something that is currently popular on a social media platform

Feed – is the news and updates from other users that a person follows on a variety of social media platforms, it appears on the home page.

Handle – Contrary to a door handle, a handle will refer to a person’s username on Twitter.


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