Some Word About Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

The Classical Temples Of Ancient Greece were built according to the belief that certain forms and proportions were pleasing to the gods . There were three main ancient Greek architectural orders (styles) , which can be distinguished by the decoration and proportions of their columns , capitals (column tops ), and entablatures ( structures resting on the capitals) . The oldest is the Dric order , which dates from the seventh century BC  and was mainly used on the Greek mainland and the westerns colonies , such as Sicily and Southern Italy . The temple of Neptune , shown here , is a classic example of this order . It is hypaethral (roofless) and peripteral (surrounded by a single row of columns) . About a century later , the more decorative Ionic order developed on the Aegean Islands  .  Features of this order include volutes (spiral scrolls) on capitals and acroteria  (pediment ornaments) . The Corinthian order was invented by an acanthus leaf on the capitals . This order was later widely used in ancient Roman architecture .

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