The Never Ending Beauty By RAS

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The Never Ending Beauty   The sun shines upon to see your face, The moon goes down losing to your grace. When the world sees you it becomes fully fresh, When the nature sees you it forgets all distress. Your beauty helps the planets' [...]

Sunny Leone and Atif Islam to visit Bangladesh this September

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            Baby Doll along with Atif Aslam to Rock Dhaka this September   Over the past years, Bangladeshi societies are more or less influenced by the Bollywood trends and mostly by the renowned celebrities. And when it comes about [...]


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SOPPY LOVE POEM When I was 12 years old, I made a vow. I'm sorry 12 year old me. But I'll have to break it now. He came into my life, We talked for a few days. And he affected me so much. Just [...]

You'll Never Know By Riyad Arefin Sohan

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You'll Never Know You'll never know when you're gonna die , You'll never know even if you ever try , You'll never know for you who's gonna cry , You'll never know for you who's gonna sigh !   You'll never know who will [...]