The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves

The recent few years have brought on the controversy after controversy to The Bachelor verse. This isn’t the kind of thing the show producers can spin to their favor. However, The Bachelorette is back one more time after a series of trials and tribulations from the current Bachelorette Rebecca “Becca” Kufrin’s break-up with Arie Luyendyk Jr. The show as you may have seen, The Bachelor was dull and ended in controversy as Arie chose Becca first but then changed his mind and chose to reunite with Runner-Up Lauren Burnham. However, as things stand The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves. Why? Here’s why:

The past seasons:

Jojo Fletcher’s 2016 season of The Bachelorette had been marked by feats of drunkenness and animosity. Viewers’ concern grew, even more, when ousted Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson got very drunk and defecated himself that very summer on Bachelor In Paradise.


Then there was Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette last year. That season saw ratings diminish while the series tried to milk drama out of racial tensions.

Putting things right this time:

The good news this time around is that the cast of suitors indicates a large number of athletes. We will be seeing former Harlem Globetrotter Christon “Chris” Stapler, pro football player Clay Harbor, former pro football player Colton Underwood, and fitness coach Connor Obrochta. The most important shift being made this time is the sheer breeziness of this year’s premiere. You are reading “The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves”.

Like every other season, the group visibly features a lot of men clearly meant to be amusingly ridiculous sacrificial lambs. There is colognoisseur Jean Blanc who owns no less than 100 bottles of cologne and is planning to woo Becca with his arousing aroma. This time around, each of the men seems innocuous. The closest thing we will get to “drama” is a contestant alerting Becca that his competition isn’t there “for the right reasons”. Becca sends one guy home right away because she knew him before and doubted his sincerity. Have The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves? Continue reading below:

The only over-the-top theatrics we see are the questionable grand gestures of amore. Of course, this is the kind of thing that is bread and butter for The Bachelorette. Venture capitalist, David Ravitz showed up in a chicken suit, clucking “Becca! Becca!”. Sales trainer Chris Randone brought an entire choir along in a limo to sing her a song. And Fitness coach, Obrochta brought a ring, got down on one knee and proclaimed that his heart is open. In this case, The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves.

All of these acts were pure Bachelorette: cheesy, embarrassing, and equal parts painful. This is, however, what the viewers want from the Bachelor Nation. There are the moments so far removed from the real-life courtship, that it all takes a vibe of its own. At their best, the show provides you with escapism. The dates arrive in limos and there is an endless supply of champagne. The producers are on-hand and bring the suitors whatever props they need for thoroughly wooing their lady love.

What makes it all work:

This season evidently is understanding the perfect Bachelorette formula. It’s the fact that everything relies on one relatable woman choosing from a bunch of men who can either be unattainably dreamy or harmlessly goofy. This is not the kind of place best suited to tackle real-life drama and tension. It is built on the premise that it exists completely separate from that strife. And in giving Becca the ideal season of The Bachelorette, the producers may have found a way forward. They will not be giving the contestants any chance to say anything controversial. They will be focusing on the delightful absurdity overshadowing the mystery and tension inherent to competition.

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