The Best Ping Pong Tables – Top 5 Reviews

Do you know how to choose the best ping pong table? Tennis or otherwise known as ping pong is not only an Olympic sport but also a favorite hobby for many children and adults. Many companies purchase table tennis tables to brighten up the mood during breaks for their employees, educational institutions for sports sections, and just for people at home or for a summer residence.

How to choose a table tennis table?

To begin with, it is worth acknowledging what types of tables there are and understanding what use you’ll have for them. The following is a common classification of tables:

Player level:

  • Amateur
  • Semi-professional
  • Professional
  • For children

Place of installation:

  • All-weather
  • Indoors only

When choosing, you should start from the budget that you are ready to allocate to buy the tennis table. If you are a pro in the sport, then the question will be what table you are unlikely to have, and the criteria of choice, in this case, will be radically different from an amateur or novice.

When looking for a budget ping pong table, you should not rely on such a factor as the best manufacturers. The fact that it turns out to be completely insignificant. All companies produce amateur and semi-professional tables with roughly the same characteristics, and the cost is affected solely by a famed brand.

In all budget models, tabletop materials are wood-chip slabs, polished and covered with melamine film, which makes them more resistant to moisture. Tables with composite countertops have in the characteristics the designation “made from chipboard.”

The metal elements of the structure are made of steel. The most important factor in the selection of a table is the set-up – the presence of mesh and fastenings, rollers for easy movement of the table, the mechanism for safe fixation, and the folding. Accessories such as rackets and balls are usually purchased separately.

Start Line “Olympic with 468877 net”

Cost: from $170

Dimensions: 274*152*76 cm.

Weight: 63 kg.

Start Line tables are used even in professional competitions. A mesh is attached to the table, and it has a self-locking mechanism for folding and convenient moving rollers that will protect the floor of your house from scratches.


  • Compact
  • Conveniently transported
  • High quality


Not detected.

Start Line “Olympic with 08489 grid”

Cost: $140

Dimensions: 274*152.5*76 cm

Weight: 59 kg.

This folding table is quite compact. Suitable only for indoor use. The grid in the kit allows you to start the game immediately after the acquisition. Manufactured in Russia using German technology. There are 4 small wheels for transportation.



  • Smooth surface
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality
  • Compact
  • Steady
  • Simple installation
  • Good price
  • Enjoys many positive reviews from buyers


  • The uneven dividing line between countertops

Sponeta “S1-52i”

Cost: from $175

Dimensions: 274*152*76 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Tennis tables from this company are made in Germany per European quality standards. The model is designed for indoor installation. “Hobbyline” table models are suitable for amateurs and semi-professionals. The table is folded by loosening the screw nut. There are wheels to move the table and a grid in the set. The table has a high-quality multi-layered anti-glare surface, which provides a uniform bounce from the ball.


  • High-quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Light


  • None detected.

Sunflex “Optimal Indoor”

Cost – from $197

Dimensions – 274*152*76 cm

Weight – 58kg

Amateur tennis table with a folding design from a German sports Equipment Company. The table is only suitable for use indoors. The grid comes with the set. Its easily transported thanks to 4 rollers. The table is protected from accidental disclosure by a special fixing system. The color of the coating – blue or green – is chosen at will.


  • Verified European Manufacturer
  • Reliability
  • High quality
  • Affordable price


  • A fairly high price due to a well-known brand, other manufacturers offer tables with similar characteristics at a lower cost.

Start Line “6010 Hobby-2 without a net”

Cost: from $130

Dimensions: 274*152*76 cm

Weight: 60 kg.

Mainly used by amateurs and semi-professionals. The matte coverage of the table ensures that nothing will distract you from the game. Conveniently stored, there are clips for fixing in a closed position. The set does not have a net attached to it, so before you start the installation, you need to source it out.


  • Affordable Price
  • Long serves
  • Compact in folded form


  • Not a very stable surface
  • Paint is quickly erased from the playing surface
  • It takes a lot of time to build
  • There is no net in the kit.

This ranking of the best tennis tables will help you make the right choice. The popularity of models is formed from the ratings of people who have already purchased and use these tennis tables for a certain time, so this information can be trusted.


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