The One Where Alex Jones Can Be Seen Through

The One Show host Alex Jones had left her viewers with more than they bargained for on one Friday night. The gorgeous brunette TV presenter suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction. This is The One Where Alex Jones Can Be Seen Through:

What’s cooking:

Alex had worn her hair in a chic French plait also, a sheer white blouse which turns out to be see-through under the BBC studio lights!

During the show, Alex’s nipples started trending on Twitter.

“I can confidently predict that#AlexJones will be trending very soon due to an excellent choice of blouse,”

said, one user.

“Alex Jones has smuggled peanuts onto The One Show tonight. What a treat,”

another viewer took to Twitter. But, there were others who were not pleased with the sight:

“Hope Alex Jones puts a bra on during one of the films on #theoneshow as her #nipples are showing. It’s meant to be a family show,”

wrote one viewer who clearly wasn’t pleased with the moment.

Alexa seemed oblivious to this very “revealing” moment and carried on with the show. However, her guest Claire Baldwin seemed to have noticed it.

This was The One Where Alex Jones Can Be Seen Through.


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