A local newspaper in British Columbia was first in publishing an allegation in 2000. They alleged that the Canadian PM had behaved “inappropriately” towards one of their workers. The Shocking Truth About Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau You Didn’t Know about. Find out more about it below:

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The editorial would publish from Creston Valley Advance saying that the 28-year-old Trudeau had apologized to their journalist for “handling” her as the Kokanee Summit Festival. The self-proclaimed feminist Trudeau has made a big deal of his pro-women credentials. With that in mind, he has formed Canada’s first “gender-balanced” cabinet as he became PM in 2015.

His press secretary, Matt Pascuzzo has stated that Trudeau has always treated women with respect. He further added that he  “doesn’t think he had any negative interactions” while he was in Creston.

In the article though, Canada’s pin-up PM has been accused of “groping” the reporter when the music festival was going on.

He has reportedly told the journalist:

“I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”

Even though he was not exactly a public figure back then, he was still famous as the son of the former PM Pierre Trudeau.

The exact account of the whole incident?

The exact account of the whole incident?

Since he became the leader of the Commonwealth country, Trudeau has been proudly flaunting his feminist credentials. He has also adopted a zero-tolerance stance within his own Liberal Party to sexual misconduct. And earlier this year, he has told CBS that he doesn’t think it likely that any allegations of sexual impropriety will emerge against him.

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