Top 20 Freelance Jobs Opportunities for Earning Extra Income Online

With the expansion of digital opportunities and introduction of skill based working websites, freelancing is one of the most followed jobs in the world today. The term freelancing loosely refers to the practice of accepting spot based task without any long term contract formalities by people who have unique set of skills. When it comes to freelancing sites, Spottask.comranks higher as it exactly offers what you need i.e. spot based tasks selling platform without investing a single penny. Also if you want to earn some extra money don’t forget to visit tester held app, download it from Google Play Store today.

Don’t just show a portfolio to your clients, rather create and send a SMART PORTFOLIO to enable clients to buy your services instantly with a simple click on Spottask.com.

The amount a freelancer can earn varies from $100 to $5000 per month based on the freelancer’s skills and the time he can devote for performing task’s online. Money is best achieved when you think out of the box, as being creative is today’s trend.

Here are the top 20 Freelancing opportunities en-cashed by freelancers globally at the comfort of a click.

1. Designing

A work from home job which suites for people having high creativity. Possible jobs include designing banners, fliers, working on photo editing using Photoshop or taking up Graphic designing task’s.

2. Web Development and designing services

web designing & development is another big area in itself. Whether its construction of a e-commerce site or just a company profile, websites plays an important role. Another micro job which has many clients listed on Spottask.com. Those who excel in web development and programming can take up these projects. Expertise in various programming languages is a must before undertaking these technical tasks.

3. Book Cover Designer

This is mainly for those who again have a passion for creativity. First impression creates a lasting effect and this is what exactly what designers have to do. This job involves creating front and back cover pages for the various books including designing of a eBook cover according to the requirements of the client.

4. Blogging Most Popular Among Bloggers

With the increasing number of blogs coming up in every hour’s time, blogging is becoming the most sought profession. It is the most preferred and popular work from home job for freelancers. Those who have a penchant for writing and have good marketing skills can take up this job. Rates for writing are predetermined and the range of bloggers includes food blogger, fashion blogger, technology blogger, bloggers covering politics, short stories blogger, Influencer marketing is often used by companies and is a technique of creating backlinks by offering bloggers to write blog post about the brand or product, bloggers who provide product reviews or testimonials etc.

5. Sales & Marketing services

This job involves serious internet marketing, ability to handle various social media accounts, creating quality content to increase the hits on the webpage, generating leads and sales, organising marketing adds campaigns. Those with a different outlook and creativity are best suited for this job.

6. Freelance writing

Although similar to bloggers, however different in the sense that most of the writing content are initially decided by the client. The freelancers just have to write according to the client instructions best suited online job for those who have a unending passion towards writing.

7. Artists/Painters

Artists and painters can also make money online by offering their paintings online along with the usage or license terms or by creating portraits according to the client/brand’s requirement. Artists are the most creative person with a out of the box thought process, they do justice with by creating an artwork. Art work can be utilized by brands for creating value content or can also be used for gifting purposes, after all who doesn’t love wall / home decor.

8. Short Films

Passionate Directors, screenwriters can offer their short stories or short films for sale. Not everyone’s can benefit by YouTube advertisement earnings but here is a platform where the income is guaranteed. Decide your own price, Join Spottask.comtoday and convert the project into real cash.

9. Musician/ Singers

Budding musicians and singers can work from home and earn money by uploading music video lessons online or also offering background score services. Millions of brands are looking for a professional Musician or singer for creating a valuable video, don’t miss the opportunity.

10. Photographer

In the digital age everyone is a photographer and love taking selfies and uploading it in your social network profile, but did you ever though that single click is valuable? Yes it is. Brands are looking out for promoting their products, why not sell every click at your own price and own license terms? Get set go, start today.

11. Search engine optimization / SEO Services

Yet another promising freelance profession. It Involves working on websites which is known as on page SEO and curetting quality content to rank website’s higher in the popular search engines such as Google, yahoo or bing. Networks like facebook, twitter or Google plus has a huge impact when it comes to provide a authentic ranking to website, sharing more web content over these platform adds to higher ranking in search results.

12. Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager

This again involves sharing curetting content on social media websites such as facebook, twitter or Google plus and designing marketing campaigns so as to draw more traffic into the client’s website or inducing product or services sales. Also involves organising offline events or live webcast management.

13. Audio and Video Production Services

This involves hiring services of artists for film making, television shows or creating music videos by a production house. Freelancers having a Technical knowledge about audio video editing and mixing can take us these tasks. A whole lot of creative bunch required for production of a quality audio or video and involves hiring of animator, sound artist, 3D modelling, Voice over artist etc.

14. Data Entry Jobs

A wide range of industry in itself is data entry jobs segment. Typist and writers are assigned to do a task which is related to entering data into the system and it may involve a simple copy paste task as well.

15. Consultancy services

Consultancy services involves offering expertise advice on professional, legal and personal matters. It also covers planning in advance for mitigating risk involved in client business, by offering risk management services.

16. Digital Model

A digital model offers a promotional photograph for marketing the brand’s products or services. More focus is kept on promotion and value addition for the brand.

17. Makeup artists/Stylists

Attending a function or event, but don’t have a stylist or makeup artist? There is equivalent number of growing stylists and makeup artist with the growth of fashion industry. Offer styling services digitally, explore new clients.

18. Event planner/Organizer/ performers

Those who excel in management services and have expertise in handling events takes up this job. It includes creating well planned task list, both for pre and post events.
Also event performers can offer their services to light up the event.

19. Architecture

Architecture’s and students can design and showcase their design ideas at their own price and own license terms and get some quick bucks in return.

20. Teachers/Instructors/Guiders

Freelancers having expertise in working digitally or are in experts category can simply start classes online and offer teaching courses to amateurs.

Explore the freelancing opportunities on Spottask.com by creating as many number of tasks as you can. Create a task you can do in your free time and start earning on SPOTTASK
It’s absolutely free to use, No setup cost or hidden charges. Let your skill make money for you. Remember the mantra, ‘Creativity is today’s trend, Money follows’.



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