Top Tips for a Successful Partnership with A Recruitment Agency

As a business owner, employee acquisition and retention are the keys to success. Without employees, a business just cannot survive. You need people to work for you, no matter if you hire them to work in your office or you consider remote hiring your workforce.

UAE is a prime spot for global job seekers – with so many qualified candidates to choose from, it often becomes a daunting task for many businesses to meet their HR needs in an efficient manner.

The task of finding and placing qualified candidates doesn’t always have to fall to the HR department of an organization; a business can always take help of a recruitment agency. Are you interested in learning more about why your business needs PEO services? Don’t wait just visit the link.

There are many efficient recruitment companies in UAE and the best way to make the most out of a recruitment agency is to create a successful partnership with them.

Following are a few of the top tips for doing just that.

1: Get To Know the Recruitment Agents

Forming a professional relationship with the agents who handle your recruitment is key.

Get to know the person, or people, whom you will be dealing with during the process. Chances are that you will be dealing with the same group of people on a regular basis. The more you know and understand one another, the better placement will be.

If an agent understands your business practices, they will be able to find the best candidates. Also, showing interest in their field will make them more eager to help you find the right fit. Although pre employment screening is a must for better recruitments. So might also want to have a read. Also before hiring employees, it is better to consult with professionals if you don’t have that knowledge.

2: Understand Their Practices and Policies

Once you get to know your agent, learn how they operate.

Recruitment companies in UAE may differ in their practices and policies. Make sure to understand what their practices and policies are. You may learn that the agency that you currently use doesn’t actually meet your needs so it is really important to make sure that the agency you partner with is capable of performing the required tasks efficiently.

Once you have established that the agency is right for you, you will feel more comfortable and this will lead to a stronger professional relationship with the recruitment agent.

3: Compliment the Agency

Everyone enjoys a good compliment and the agencies aren’t any different. Let your agency know that they are doing well in helping you place employees. These compliments in turn become statistics that the agency can use to further provide quality service to its clients.

Without feedback, the agencies won’t have a good baseline of what they need to improve upon.

4: Communicate

Communication is really important if you want to build a successful partnership with a recruitment agency.

Make sure to communicate with them on a regular basis. Discuss the successes of your partnership as well as any issues that you have faced.

Express your thoughts, concerns and questions to the agency and get them truly involved in your hiring process. Let them know how things are going on with their recruits and let them know if you’re facing any issues.

5: Recruit, Expand, Repeat

Recruitment agencies are always there when you need them. Every business has its ebbs and flows throughout various different marketing seasons.

A business may have needed two more employees at the beginning of the year, but needs twelve more at the end of the year. Using the same recruitment agency to fill the vacancies is the best practice.

The main benefit of using the same recruitment agency is that the agents already know your business and its manpower demands. This allows them to offer the business the most qualified applicants possible. Trust is also built over time and if you trust your agency, they are more likely to work even harder to meet your individual needs.

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Hannan Kirmani, a part-time writer at ManpowerGroup. Hannan covers topics related to trends, news and proactive approaches to improve recruitment processes. He believes that recruitment firms need to focus on behavioral skills of candidates instead of just looking at their resumes.

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