Twitter Is Working To Hide More Bad Tweets

Twitter is starting to use a wider range of signals for ranking tweets in conversations and searches. This is likely to hide replies that are abusive. The company has stated that comments from users who have been blocked, muted, or reported for abusing will be less visible across the service. So, Twitter Is Working To Hide More Bad Tweets.

Twitter already has started ranking tweets in search and in conversations. However, until now it had not taken any negative signals to count when ranking. This means that replies can easily be gamed by bad actors, whether they are spammers hawking cryptocurrencies or bot networks attempting to influence elections.

Twitter will be examining a wide variety of signals when they rank tweets in conversations and in the search. Some of the signals include a number of accounts created by the person tweeting, IP address and whether that tweet has led to people blocking that person from tweeting. Twitter will not be removing the tweets however, they will be moved to the “see more replies” section of the conversation.

How Twitter Will Work

                                                                                How Twitter Will Work

The test conducted of the new ranking has shown that abuse reports generated from conversations have declined by 8 percent.

The spirit of the thing is, we want to take the burden of the work off the people receiving the abuse or harassment,

CEO Jack Dorsey has said.

Having to rely on algorithmic signals could provide several advantages for Twitter as can work to reduce abuse on the platform. They will work without respecting the tweet’s content which will spare Twitter from having to make tricky decisions around the tone or intent of a message, Of course, they will work regardless of the language of the tweet.

Simultaneously, it can go disastrously awry and may be difficult for the outsiders to understand. Dorsey says that Twitter is conscious of that and is investing to make sure the product communicates about how it makes decisions,

The move is meant for addressing Twitter’s long-standing struggle for reining in abusive accounts. Twitter Is Working To Hide More Bad Tweets. What are your thoughts on the issue? Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know!


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