Understanding The Current Digital Experience Scenario & General Tips for Enhancing The Salesforce DX Experience

The last few years have witnessed an incredible expansion in the field of digital experience or DX technology. Last year alone witnessed a 39 percent boost to almost 5500 DX solutions as compared to 2016. That looks like an explosion when compared to just 350 solutions in the year 2013. Unfortunately, this boom in all these new DX solutions actually has culminated in several disconnected applications across DX ecosystems of companies and this has led to an increase rather than a simplification or decrease in digital complexity.  Ultimately, companies just end up with very poorly integrated Digital Experience tools that fail to deliver the digital experience expected by their customers. With this as a backdrop, Salesforce DX was introduced and so it has come as a breath of fresh air.

Salesforce DX is an advanced and modern developer experience which would completely revolutionize the way you create Salesforce applications. You must realize that whether you are working as a team or as an individual developer, Salesforce DX is here to provide you efficiently with a seamlessly integrated and an end-to-end lifecycle that has been crafted for agile development and high performance. Moreover, the Salesforce DX is flexible and open and you have the liberty to choose your own preferred tools. Visit Flosum.com for perfect Salesforce solutions.

Tips to Move Your Salesforce DX Dial the Correct Way

Here are a few key insights that would help you in moving the Salesforce DX dial in the perfect direction.

Consider Being Content-Driven

Make sure that you are orchestrating and distributing content globally. The latest differentiator that is regarded by the companies and their marketers is actually the digital experience and the expertise to deliver content anywhere, anytime and through any device or channel and that is supposed to be the hallmark of creating a seamless digital experience.

If you are thinking of enhancing your digital experiences, you must realize that digital experience vendors and platforms are not created equal. Sometimes, even the well-known DX platforms are lacking in the ability to seamlessly support content management globally. They would be requiring substantial customization.

Customize in Real Time

The DX leaders are known to deliver customized experiences actually in real time and that seems to be a nice thing because around 52 percent of your consumers have expressed their desire to switch to some other brand if there is no personalized communication. Today customers are looking for a personalized or customized digital experience, truly rich in content which caters to their unique requirements and truly exceeds their expectations. Companies must deliver digital experiences effectively cutting across silos in real time for getting data from a host of sources. This is the real point of difference between a leader and the one who is finding it difficult to sustain in this highly competitive digital landscape.

Conclusion: Agility is the Future

DX leaders are always among the first to adopt any new technology because they know that the early bird gets the worm. Early adopters are always able to spot top-notch new digital marketing tools and add them to their arsenal. This is really easy thanks to open architecture. It is true that most companies find new integrations hard because they are held back by past decisions regarding obsolete technologies or those that don’t play well with new modules and tools. Modern companies move towards agile, open platforms on micro-services architectures that are both flexible and scalable and allow you to take your products to market quicker while also reducing operational costs. It is time to switch to the cutting-edge and innovative Salesforce DX experience for the real difference!

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