What Is A Galaxy ? Definition

A Galaxy is a huge mass of stars,  nebulae,  and interstellar material.  The smallest galaxies contain about 100,000 stars,  while the largest contain up to 3,000 billion stars.  There are three main types of galaxy,  classified according to their shape,  spiral which have arms spiraling outwards from a central bulge and irregular, which have no obvious shape.  Sometimes the shape of galaxy is distorted by a collision with another galaxy.  Quasars (quasi-stellar objects) are thought to be galactic nuclei but are so far away that their exact nature is still uncertain.  They are compact,  highly luminous objects in the outer reaches of the known universe : while the furthest known “ordinary” galaxies are about 10 billion light years away,  the furthest known quasar is about 15 billion light years away.  Active galaxies,  such as Seyfert galaxies and radio galaxies,  emit intense radiation.  In a seyfert galaxy,  this radiation comes from the galactic nucleus ; in a radio galaxy, it also comes from huge lobes on either side of the galaxy.  The radiation from active galaxies and quasars is thought to be caused by black holes.

We also live in a Galaxy . I mean Earth , The sun , Moon etc. are in one Galaxy . That is The Milky Way .

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