Why Do People Love Dexter?

All the way back in 2006, Dexter premiered on Showtime and ever since then, people all over the world have had a love affair with the oddly charismatic blood spatter analyst moonlighting as a serial killer, Dexter Morgan. If you still haven’t watched Dexter, Michael C. Hall plays a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department by the name of Dexter Morgan. But, he also has a secret life- he’s a serial killer. Shocking isn’t it? Well, Dexter has one unique rule, he will only murder the murderers who have slipped through the crack of the justice system, just waiting to kill again. So now we take a look at Why Do People Love Dexter?

How Does He Find His Victims?

Working within the Police Department provides Dexter the perfect cover, as long as he can conceal his secret double life from his adopted sister Debra and his family. And as mentioned before, he works within the Police Department, so it’s easy to look up the information on these escaped murderers. But not just that, it has to fit his “code” of killing. He has to find proof that the victim is guilty of murder and then he approaches to slice them up.

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Dexter tries his best to balance a normal-looking life that he wishes to have with his murderous urges. The show has been incredibly original over the course of eight seasons while being very thought-provoking.

For the first four seasons, Dexter was one of the most critically acclaimed and highest watched shows on television. It has had a rare blend of subtle dark humor and a fantastic character story arc.

Dexter narrates his feelings

                                                    Dexter narrates his feelings

One thing that all the fans love about Dexter is, how he narrates his feelings and interactions. It is made very clear all throughout the show that, no matter how human Dexter tries to be, he isn’t really a human; he’s a killer.

Dexter can be seen interacting with a lot of people, and Michael narrates the feelings in the background. This always fills the viewers in on what Dexter is feeling. And in that way, viewers get to slowly relate to him. You have been reading Why Do People Love Dexter?

He’s an anti-hero

For one thing, Dexter can’t be called a good guy by the law. But, he kills only those people who have escaped the law and absolutely deserve the death penalty. He is basically an anti-hero.

He's an anti-hero

                   He’s an anti-hero

He does the right things but he does it his way. People have, of course, moved on from the image of a good guy/hero a long time ago. They want to see a guy do the right things, yes, but if need be, break the law or go out of the system. And Dexter does just that. More than that, he doesn’t justify his actions, instead, he narrates them as they are. So, ultimately it makes Dexter a normal human being trying to deal with his normal day-to-day issues. That makes for a very interesting character arc and the viewers have loved every second of Dexter they could for it.

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