Why Tommaso Ciampa Is The Best Heel In Wrestling Today

It’s been around a year now since NXT Takeover: Chicago. The very night when pro-wrestling’s most over tag team #DIY split. To everyone’s shock Tommaso Ciampa attacked Johnny Gargano after a splendid display of heart and guts against a very formidable duo of the Authors Of Pain. In a matter of few seconds, Ciampa would go on to destroy the person he had once called his best friend. Why Tommaso Ciampa Is The Best Heel In Wrestling Today:

Sporadic appearance:

Ever since that incident, Ciampa has made only a handful of appearances on NXT tapings and even those were very short. And you can say that this has propelled him towards the upper tier of WWE’s heels. In Ciampa’s case, less is more. Every time he has shown up, every hateful tweet he tweets or the times he has come out to foil Gargano’s opportunity, he has made a lasting impact. He doesn’t need to show up every week to let you know that he’s the bad guy or get under your skin. The man has thousands of people live booing him and chanting spiteful things at him for a theme song. And he will come out precisely when he thinks he needs to. Which means, he shows up, really bad things will happen to whoever is in front of.

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His reasons:

As he has stated after breaking up #DIY, rumors began circling that he was injured before their big match in Chicago. Fans instantly and constantly started to come up with fantasy replacements for Gargano to pair up with. And in Ciampa’s mind, the fans had forgotten and betrayed him- the fans clearly cared about Johnny Gargano and his intentions of winning tag-gold.

And as we waited for his return, in all our minds we knew we would dread it. And dread we did it because he came out at a time when Gargano was most vulnerable. Gargano had wrestled the best and biggest match of his solo run in NXT. He had lost to Andrade “Cien” Almas but, Gargano wouldn’t have to leave the show with shame. The match propelled Gargano to Main-Event level stardom in NXT as the beloved underdog. As the fans thanked Johnny and cheered him on, Ciampa would strike from the back. Because Ciampa could not let Gargano soak in the glory and the adulation of the fans- the same fans who in his words had “betrayed” him. You are currently reading “Why Tommaso Ciampa Is The Best Heel In Wrestling Today”.

He’s no Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman who can maul people on a serious level. He’s more of a version of Randy Orton’s persona from 2008-09 when he took out the McMahon family. But, there is clearly more depth to his character and persona than Randy Orton’s.

This is an image from the recently concluded Chicago Street Fight between Ciampa and Gargano. While this was very physical and brutal fight between the two, it seemingly added more layers to both their characters. Subtle nuances even during the fight like taking out Gargano’s wedding ring from the finger and then spitting it is why Ciampa is so hated. He will take out the wedding ring of his once-brother, spit on it and threw it away because that’s just how much he hates Gargano. In that sequence of motion, Ciampa brilliantly blurs the line between reality and kayfabe as he has fans genuinely booing him.

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This is the look of a man, who will go through hell just to dish out as much punishment as he can possibly to a man he had once loved. If Ciampa hates you, you’re done. The sadistic look on his face as he walked up the ramp after winning his biggest fight till date in NXT speaks volumes of just how far off the edge Ciampa is willing to pull himself to “please his sadistic urges“. It’s literally hard to find another superstar with this amount of heel-heat in WWE today.

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