WordPress websites would not have been SEO friendly had it not received the backing of PHP

Gone are the days when people used to look upon sites as resources for information. Things have changed a lot because sites are now platforms for conducting business. The internet offers endless opportunities for making money for which you need to have a website. Life has now become technology-oriented, and technology is upgrading fast. WordPress has made website creation very easy because you can choose any readymade theme and build your website on it. Since all WordPress websites are SEO friendly in varying degrees, you can use the site for business right from the start. To make the website, even more, SEO friendly, you can rely on PHP, the server-side programming language that lends good support to WordPress websites. Don’t forget to visit Bloggersneed.

Today, the majority of websites run on WordPress, and we have seen a resurgence of PHP that dominates WordPress websites. Web developers are also keen to rely on PHP that takes much less time to write the language. Moreover, programmers do not have to create too many codes, as they have to write fewer lines, which takes much less time. Similarly, web developers prefer WordPress as they can use readymade themes that save time instead of designing websites right from scratch.

Creating websites is easy

The best thing about building websites with WordPress is that it does not require any knowledge of codes or programming.  It has brought website making within reach of every person, and you can develop websites without taking help from web developers. Indeed, this would limit the functionalities to some extent because to incorporate advanced functionalities, the knowledge of codes and programming is necessary that requires the participation of web developers. Overall, it is very easy to create websites with WordPress no matter who does it. Businesses require highly customised websites with plenty of advanced functions that strengthens SEO for which it needs the professional support of web developers familiar various programming languages.

Enhancing the SEO friendliness

To make WordPress websites perform at its peak and to make SEO gains it is necessary to enhance its default SEO features by using plugins.  You must make the site perform some special tasks that give a mileage in SEO, and the plugins can come in handy to impart special abilities to the website. You can choose suitable plugins capable of making the website function and perform certain tasks exactly in the way you want.  This is when you would need help from web developers familiar with coding and programming languages belonging to an Australian Company that specialises in web development and SEO to do that extra bit for you.

Programming languages compatible with WordPress

Web developers have to be versatile and familiar with several programming languages like HTML and CSS as well as PHP and JavaScript to work conveniently on WordPress websites.  The first two are declarative language that finds application in WordPress websites while PHP and JavaScript are programming languages. Among the programming languages, PHP, a server-side language is more prevalent in WordPress websites.  On the other hand, JavaScript is a client-side language.  Users of WordPress should have some basic knowledge about the languages especially PHP because although they might not be using it, it would help to understand what is going around and how it could be beneficial. To know more about the role of PHP that could be useful for using it in a better way, keep reading this article.

PHP – the dominating language in web development

From the time WordPress started gaining popularity, PHP also has come back into prominence. WordPress has become the numero uno choice for web developers as they can use the platform to bring out their best creative abilities. PHP as a programming language has supported the cause of web developers in expanding their creativity without limits that have resulted in the creation of high performing websites that can support a robust SEO campaign. What PHP can do for developers is not possible to achieve by using any other programming language. The compatibility of PHP with HTML allows integration of these languages is thereby enhancing the SEO friendliness of websites.

The functionalities that you can impart to websites by using PHP extensions are simply unmatched.  Developers are continuously contributing to the open source language and enriching it thereby enhancing its effectiveness. This encourages web developers to pursue their creative instincts aggressively.  Fast and easy are the attributes that developers attach to PHP and point out as the reason for choosing it ahead of other open sources software like Microsoft Active Server Pages, Java Servlets and Cold Fusion Module.

PHP drive WordPress

It will not be wrong to say that WordPress moves on PHP, which behaves like an engine. What we see of WordPress today owes a lot to the role played by PHP in empowering the CMS. PHP makes it possible to build pages and put it together. This makes it clear why you should know something about PHP for understanding how well you can use the various facets of WordPress.  Facilitating the creation of HTML pages and making the process easier were the intentions behind developing PHP as a programming language. PHP works at the back end and what viewers see is an HTML page. PHP is responsible for handling everything that happens prior to the creation of HTML pages because it is a server-side programming language. PHP can interact with databases and is suitable for converting static pages into dynamic ones. PHP is the language used for developing any web-based application to enhance the website functionality.

E-commerce websites, in particular, find PHP very useful as it can use its features for integrating with a wide range of databases. From Oracle to MySQL and from SQLite to Postgres as well as DB2, the programming language PHP can fluently interact with all databases.

The versatility of PHP in web application makes it an obvious choice for web developers because the language is completely web oriented. You can use PHP for practically any script or application, and this is where it outscores other programming languages.

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